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  1. Bless you Prophet Russell…
    I have heard the call to restore intimacy and prayer, during this lent. And to get back into my private space positioning myself as a seeker, I’m reading parts of God Chasers again..and I’m just taking time to be refreshed. I’ve been laying hands on my feet and annointing and consecration myself and heard the call to return to prayer via Bishop Duncan Williams this morning and even annointed some personal pictures anc pulled out my prayer manual preparing to start my prayer walk even if its in a wardrobe… its whats available to me to cover myself and my daughter the same way I did with her as a child. whilst I was resting in between study and refreshing I felt as though someone tampered with my spirit and jumped up talking in tounges. But it’s some wishing threats whilst I’m on a sabbatical. Any thoughts or wisdom to share outside of unsubscribing from the Facebook accounts???

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