The Father Says Today – March 2018

Daily prophecy for March 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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March 31, 2018.   The Father says today, drink deeply of My peace.  The peace I give to you is not dependent on tranquil circumstances.  The peace I give originates in My presence that dwells in you and not something that only comes when circumstances are quiet and restful in your life.  My peace is a powerful resonant force that will quell the armies of the enemy pounding on the gates of your life, threatening wrack and ruin.  My peace is a river of life flowing out like a deluge to wash away all the noise makers and conflict bringers that the enemy sends to distract you from what I have to say.  Receive My peace.  It is here, and it is available now.  Breathe it in.  Let the rest go.  Shut out the clamor of the urgent and settle down deep in the fullness of My Spirit until nothing else matters.

My peace is not the absence of conflict, says God.  My peace is a fruit of the Spirit that grows on the trees of righteousness of which you are one.  My peace is for the healing of the nations and when I declared “peace on earth” it was YOUR PERSONAL EARTH that I was speaking to.  Before there will ever be peace among nations there must first be men and women who have appropriated the peace that I give that the world cannot usurp or take away.  Will you turn away from the clamor of men rattling and sounding their intimidation and threats against you?  They want you to look at them and give heed to them, but I say to you, keep your affections set on Me and you will see those self-important demands blown away as the chaff, as the small dust in the balance of the larger testimony of My goodness, My favor and breakthrough that is piercing the darkness around you, even now.

March 30, 2018.   The Father says today, wake to righteousness.  Say to your slumbering heart “awake to who you are in Christ…”  Rouse yourself and see yourself once and for all as the beloved child that I see when I look upon you every day of your earthly sojourn.  When you feel unworthy or guilty you are actually in a state of spiritual unconsciousness.  I say to you again, awake to the righteousness that I paid for in your behalf on the cross.  I AM moving in your life, not because of who you are or what you have done.  I have given you the free gift of right standing in My family.  You are eligible so far beyond what you realize.  You are eligible, and you are entitled.  I AM moving in your life, says the Father, and I AM bringing you to your blessing place because of who I am and what I did for you 2000 years ago on the cross.  This is the mentality I want you to adopt and wear as your own internal acknowledgement of who you are and who I AM in you.

You are entitled, says the Father, who will disenfranchise you.  You are and have been holy and without blame before Me in love before the foundation of the world was ever laid – who shall lay anything to your charge.  When others come against you to accuse and vilify you, that is not My will and that is not what I say about you.  I say you are redeemed.  I say you are forgiven. I say you are entitled, an entitled heir of a matchless kingdom that cannot be diminished or prevailed against.  That is who you are – now let that be your baseline understanding by which you see yourself.  Refuse to see yourself through any other filter than the one that I have ordained.  Reject the accusations of men and even the self-recriminations of your own unenlightened heart.  When your heart accuses you remember that I AM greater than your heart and know all things.  In that truth you are free.  In that truth you are redeemed.  In that truth you will find the ring on your finger and the robe of royalty on your shoulders that befits on such as yourself for whom the purchase price of Calvary was paid.

March 29, 2018.   The Father says today, trust My process.  If you will leave the details to Me, I will guide you in the path of life and bring you deeper into My blessing than you ever thought possible.  I AM moving in so many fronts and in so many varied ways in your life that your natural mind could never keep up.  It’s a heart issue, says God.  Say yes with your heart, for with yes in your heart I will take you where your mind in its finite understanding could never go.  Do you trust Me?  Then let Me take it from here.  Just say yes without the demand to have all the details explained in advance.  You do understand that the demand for details, explanations and understanding is often nothing more than unbelief?  The natural mind thinks if it could comprehend – then all would change, and breakthrough would come.  What a high opinion that natural mind has of itself!  Take authority over the tyranny of your own rationale, for it can never produce what faith as small as a grain of mustard seed will manifest in a moment of time.

Are you ready, says the Father?  Quiet yourself, your soul man with its insistent demands like an unruly child.  The natural mind says, “we aren’t going any further until I get answers…”  Put down that stronghold today.  Step out of sense bound reasoning and into the awareness of who I AM and what I AM doing in your life at this very moment.  That is the cooperation I AM waiting for.  Your mind will object and complain and howl in protest but fear not – all will be explained in due season – after your obedience has been made full, and the promise has been realized.  Then the mind will say “I had it figured out all along” when in reality it was your natural mind and not just the devil that was the greatest foe to the deliverance that you seek and have sought even these many years.  So, let Me be your Truth and let Me be your Way and let Me be your life and suddenly your suddenlies will all become reality and the fullness of My promise will be concrete substance in your life.

March 28, 2018.   The Father says today, the wind of My Spirit blows over you today.  Receive the gift of breath and life by which I preserve you and all things pertaining to you.  Of all creation around you My hand is in evidence, for by My hand and for My express purposes I hold the very atoms of creation together moment by moment.  It is by My constant and intense regard that the worlds go on spinning on their axis just as it is by My constant and intense regard that you take every breath as a gift from heaven to carry out My purposes on the earth.  You are not waking every morning to drudgery and pain.  That is not My plan.  I came that you might find freedom and release – that you might fulfill the purpose for which I raised you from the dust and brought you forth from the womb of your mother and the loins of your father.

You are not a mistake, says God.  You are not the result of some random biological process.  You are a shining point of supernatural life reflecting My regard and My love in that finite life that you are living out day by day.  I AM with you, says the Father.  You are a work crafted by My hand.  I have worked, and I AM working, and I continue to work in your life.  Let go of the misconceptions of abandonment and isolation.  You are not abandoned.  You are not isolated from My favor and My blessing.  Let your heart sing that refrain “never alone, no never alone!” for I AM in you working both to will and to do My good pleasure.  You are My beloved and I am thine, so rejoice and allow yourself to freefall into the “Abba Father” experience that is the base state and default entitlement of every person who has called upon that name by which I AM named, both in heaven and in the earth – the name of Jesus!

March 27, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM acting and moving in your life this day to bring blessing and promotion.  Step into the dynamic reality of what I AM doing in your behalf.  I AM working always with you and never against you as you yield yourself as an instrument through which My glory might resonate.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made, says the Father.  Of all the processes and activities taking place in your natural body at the same time, know that likewise I AM not doing just one thing in your life but many.  I AM not a God of sameness or dead uniformity.  I AM the God that never planted anything in a row.  Regimented thinking is the refuge of those immersed in dead religion.  Come out of the tombs of religious homogeny and partake of the new wine of My Spirit that requires a new wine skin.

I say to you, let go of the old wisdoms of religious reflection and hear My voice speaking dynamically in the silence between your own thoughts.  The chronography of an eternal life is coursing through your blood this moment, not only to bring you forward but to establish and bless you right where you are.  I AM not intimidated, neither do I hold Myself aloof from the very mundane things going on in your life.  Even the very hairs of your head are numbered.  Refuse to allow anyone to convince you that I AM not fully and intimately attenuated to the very faintest concern of your heart.  I AM here, and I AM moving to bless and to keep you.  Accept that as a most basic truth and look for Me under every blade of grass, behind every door and in every situation and circumstance.  Yea, the very fullness of the Godhead is present and working in your finite life and within the boundaries of all that you represent in your person to establish My favor and blessing upon everything that you do.

March 26, 2018.    The Father says today, let go of mistaken ideas of what is not possible in your life.  You are not too old.  You are not too young.  Your age is merely the frame of reference in the timeline of your life that identifies the moment you can invite Me to bring about the transformation you seek.  Stop looking at outward things as the delimiters of your success or failure.  It is not what goes into a man that defiles a man but what originates in the heart that influences what happens next.  Are you cowering in dread?  Then that dread on the inside of you is working like a corrosive to dissolve all hope of things getting better.  It is time this day to salt the dream and fear on the inside of you with My word and My promise till it is completely dissolved.  Are you anticipating downturn and disappointment?  You are where your attention takes you.  Set your affections on things above where I dispense from My throne all the necessary power to undo the strategy of hell against you and redefine your life according to the promises of My word.

It’s all about cooperation, says the Father.  What you allow to be in your heart in abundance will have no choice but to cooperate with and yield to you.  If fear and worry have so long been with you that they actually influence the makeup of your personality, then that constitutes a stronghold that will hold you like a vice until you choose to do what is necessary to break free.  Believe the good report.  Accept the favor that I have accorded you.  I AM not denying you.  I AM not saying no.  I AM not sitting on My throne, aloof or uninterested in what is taking place in your life.  You are going to have to decide whether to stand with the counsels of the uninformed and unilluminated that have taught you such drivel, or you are going to accept the clear and plain promise of My word, that I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  I came that you might have abundant life and guess what?  I AM still coming.  I AM coming in power and I AM coming in majesty and where I show up will be wherever faith is found.  I AM only looking for that one thing, says the Father.  I AM looking and coming to find faith in the earth and in your heart that I might bring about the mountain moving consequences of total blessing and favor that you have longed for, but you must draw yourself away with Me.

March 25, 2018.   The Father says today, I have caused you to inherit My creative nature.  On the inside of you the wheel of nature turns in your spirit in cooperation with My Spirit as the wheel within the wheel.  As I breathed into Adam and he became a living soul, so I have breathed into you that you might be made manifest as a flaming fire alight with My glory.  Open your mouth wide, says God, and I will fill it.  In your tongue life is originated and death is originated.  Speak life that you might live.  Speak My word and My word will become the substance and the power that determines and sets the preamble for what happens next in your life.  You are well able to take the land.  You are well able to receive of Mine for I have shown it to you.  You are not unlearned, and neither are you a novice.  You are the called according to My purpose and this day the ordination of heaven rests upon you.

Come forth this day from the grave clothes of regret.  Come forth from among the tombs of past disappointment, cutting yourself as the Gadarene with the potshards of past mistakes.  You are forgiven.  You are released.  This day you go forth as a bird from the snare of the fowler.  I AM vining Myself in you and I AM scribing Myself in you.  You are an epistle of destiny written with the indelible quill with the diamond point of My sovereignty.  Who will separate you from that which I have ordained you for?  Set forth oh man of God!  Stand forth oh woman of God.  This is your time and this is THE HOUR when My resurrection power is rolling away the stone from the sepulcher of that which is merely human and limited, and bringing you out to walk in newness of life in every situation and every circumstance you face!

March 24, 2018.   The Father says today, put on the garments of God.  I took on the form of sinful man that you might take on the sinlessness of My person in your life.  You are not bound to sin.  The sacrifice of the cross has separated you from sin.  Sin shall no more have dominion over you.  The secret sins and the sins of passion that have gripped you like a vise are now broken.  You are free.  Shake off the chains and stand upright on your feet.  See the prison doors of shame standing open before you.  You shall no longer be held by the bands of iniquity in the iron chains of transgression.  I have liberated you in the shed blood of Calvary to come out of the tombs of regret and shame and into the celebration of My character and holiness in your life and in your walk.

Do not be as the dog that returns to its vomit.  You have a choice.  Make the choice not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  The motions of the flesh are all about drinking stolen waters and bread eaten in secret.  That is the lie, but the truth is that I AM in My Person the fountain of living water and I AM in My person the bread of life.  Partake of that which I AM, says God.  Drink deeply of all things that I have given you richly to enjoy.  Abandon yourself to the depths of My presence and know joy unspeakable that only originates in Me.  You are clean.  You are free.  No more will the motions of sin contaminate your clean-washed soul.  This is the beginning again of that life which you have longed for in Me that I give you freely this very moment.

March 23, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM the God of super-abundance.  You are an entitled son, a cherished daughter and there is nothing that I will withhold from you.  Ask.  Ask largely.  Ask the improbable and see the impossible become a reality in your life.  Get rid of those weak prayers.  Cease from all those whining prayers that religion has taught you.  When I raised Christ from the dead, the way into the holiest was made open for you.  Come boldly.  Come expectantly.  Heaven’s bounty awaits.  The fullness of the bounty of heaven is bursting the seams of glory to pour out into your life every good thing.  Accept it.  Receive it. Reorient your thinking to know that I AM a good God and a giving God.

It is enough!  What I brought about on Calvary constituted the full price of the penalty of sin held against you.  You are forgiven.  You are exonerated in the courts of heaven.  The gavel has come down in your favor.  The prison doors stand open that you might go free.  Your heart is no longer the fetid crypt of a sin dead soul.  The living Christ dwells in you.  The trump of God is sounding within you.  The reverberation of My goodness and My power is expelling all darkness and bringing the full spectrum of My light to bear in every area of your life and every avenue of your being.  You are free.  You are one of My emancipated ones.  Step into that freedom this day as your rightful inheritance in Me, by faith.

March 22, 2018.   The Father says today, seek those things that are above.  Seek out and set your face on the fullness of My glory, for in My glory I have provided you all things for life, transformation and provisioning of any and every need you will ever know.  There is no need for you to run after earthly things, do you know why?  Because all those blessings will come on you and over take you when you pursue after Me.  Do you know what this means?  When you SEEK MY FACE, you will SEE MY HAND.  Those out there in the world, the faithless and unbelieving fill their bellies and fill their lives with the swine husks of temporal things and are never satisfied.  I will fill you with the treasuries from heaven and great will be your reward and your joy will be ever so full.

Accept your entitlement in Me this day, says God.  Turn your ear from those who furrow their brow and insist in mock spirituality that I AM not a giving God.  I so loved that I gave, and I have never ceased giving. If I withheld not My son, My only begotten son, even the darling of heaven, then why would I ever withhold from you any lesser thing?  Though I bestow all the world’s wealth upon you in a moment of time, it would be as nothing compared to what I have already given you in Christ.  Receive then the resources that dead religion vainly and inaccurately suggests I will not give you.  They are blind leaders of the blind wallowing in the ditch of their own shame.  Rise up.  Shake yourself and receive this day all that I have for you, says God.

March 21, 2018.   The Father says today, there are no shortages in heaven. There are no deficits in heaven, and I am working to bring heaven to earth in your life. The inventories of heaven are always an upward count, never a diminishing supply. I have given you in the earth an inherited right to the unlimited resources of glory. I said in My word that I would meet all your need out of My riches in glory. Are you banking in the glory? Are you drawing upon the wealth of blessing that is available for you in the glory? Step out today into the economy of the kingdom and realize that the economy of man will no longer define what your fortunes represent.

Begin this day to spend the currency of the kingdom.  Faith is the coin of the realm where I live, says God.  Spend your faith.  Spend your faith on your necessary needs.  Spend your faith on highest heart’s desire.  Spend your faith by speaking to your mountain.  Are you speaking to your mountain?  What are you saying to your mountain?  Are you saying, “my, that mountain is getting bigger…” or are you commanding “be removed and be cast into the sea”?  Stand up on your feet, says God, and speak to that mountain of those things contrary to My purpose and see how it will be cast into the sea to be replaced by the manifest substance of answered prayer in your life.

March 20, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not merely human.  You are a new creation.  I had to make you a new creation in order to give you access to My glory.  You are a new creation – a new species altogether.  That is why I was called the “last Adam” and the “second man”.  I concluded the merely human race by the death of the cross.  Sin was extinguished on the cross and I made it possible for you to cross the threshold from that which was cursed to that which is the blessed of God.  You have been translated from the domain of darkness into the fullness and the reality of My Kingdom.  You have passed from darkness to light this day.  You have passed from death into life.  As death could not hold Me, it will never hold you.

Even sickness cannot hold you, says God, for sickness is limited death.  Sickness, if it had its way in your body, would take you down to the grave.  Resist sickness as you would resist the devil himself, for all sickness originates with the devil.  I can never give you sickness because I don’t have any.  There is no sickness in heaven.  Where must I go to get sickness if those uninformed scribes and Pharisees are correct in impugning My faithfulness in such a way.  I never choose sickness for you.  I never choose death or disability for you.  I know what I have chosen, what are you choosing?  Choose life, says God, and life more abundantly, for it is life from death that the cross is all about.  I say to you live and know that your miracle is now.

March 19, 2018.   The Father says today, the fullness of deity lives in you by My Spirit.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  If I were to leave you I would have to leave Myself because I dwell in your hearts by faith in fullness and in truth.  If I were to leave you I would have to serve Myself an eviction notice and that I will not do.  You are My chosen dwelling place My beloved.  There is nowhere else I would rather be than fully resident in all My glory down on the inside of you.  I dwell in you as your resurrection.  You do understand that you will rise, not because of what is above but because of what is in you – in your very bones?  There is no way I will allow death to hold you, for if I allowed death to hold you I would no longer be the God of Life!  I AM not the God of the dead but the God of the living.  Receive life this day.

Annul the covenant of death that says, “we will understand it better bye and bye…” I do not need death to perfect My knowledge on the inside of you.  Death is an enemy.  Death is the last enemy.  I do not need death and I do not utilize death to accomplish a single one of My purposes.  I do not use death to facilitate the fulfillment of the least of My promises.  My Spirit is a life-giving Spirit, not a death dealing spirit.  Reject death today and receive life.  Know that there is promise and substance in Me that religion says will only come after death, that in reality you can have NOW.  Say of your soul “I will have mine now…”  Receive what Enoch received.  You are walking into what you are waiting on and your deliverance is now!

March 18, 2018.   The Father says today, defend your freedom.  Where My Spirit is there is freedom.  Never allow anyone or anything that doesn’t originate from My Spirit to bring you into bondage.  You are free from every temporal influence.  People cannot control you unless you allow it.  Circumstances cannot hold you unless you bow to the pressure.  Learn to push back against the pressure that is burdening you.  Say of your soul, “greater is the pressure of God in me flowing out – than the pressure of the enemy, or the circumstance trying to plow me under…”  Never allow yourself to be held captive.  Refuse to clothe yourself in the garments of victimization.  Cast off the graveclothes of self-referral and self pity.  You are the redeemed of My hand.  The gospel of My Truth is the abstract recorded in heaven of your liberty and your testimony.

Pick up the scepter of the righteousness I have paid the price for in your life.  You are clean.  You are accepted.  The doors of opportunity stand open to you.  Speak to the mountain and command it to be removed.  Militate in prayer against every contrary situation or condition that defies My promise in your life. Freedom is your portion.  Liberty is your base state in My Kingdom.  Never accept the encroachment of man or demon against you.  Never bow to the circumstance.  Keep your eye upon My promise and your expectations upon Me.  Your past will no longer dictate your future.  The promise is yours and the Daystar is arising this day in your heart to bring you forth into your blessing place.

March 17, 2018.   The Father says today, that old things have passed away and all things are become new.  I have dissolved in Myself on the cross every curse and every imposition of hell against your life.  As I have raised to new life, so there is resurrection life coursing through your veins.  Where is sickness and disease?  It is excluded.  Where is weakness and disability?  It is lifted by My power.  Where is death?  It no longer has any sting that it can strike you with.  You are mine.  I AM yours.  The love relationship has begun.  New favor has found you this day.  You are accepted in the beloved.  You are entitled as a favored son and a favored daughter in My kingdom.

Be encouraged this day, says the Father. It is not a vain thing or a naïve thing to take courage and comfort from My word.  The world wants you to be discouraged and angered at what you see happening around you.  Anger is not a fruit of the Spirit! T here is no wisdom found in the furrowed brow!  Rejoice and let the peace and joy that IS My kingdom fill you and well up within you!  Laugh the laugh of faith, says God!  Say “Bah, Ha, Ha!” for this is the derisiveness of the joy of God that causes all the strongholds of the enemy to be brought down to dust and splinters in a moment of time!  I AM with you, says God, and will never leave you nor forsake you.  This is your security and this is your comfort in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, says your Father.

March 16, 2018.   The Father says today, set your affection on things above.  You are more than a creature derived from the dust realm.  The dust realm is where the serpent finds its food.  There is nothing for you – no sustenance for your soul to be found in the dust realm, says God.  I have given you this day of the hidden manna that is only found in My glory.  Set aside the dry husks of the swine’s flesh food that only satisfies momentarily and then burdens you down in guilt and sorrow.  You are more than flesh and blood.  I became flesh and blood so that you could become a creature of spirit and life.  Receive My life this day.  Drink of My life that is liberally poured out to you this day, says God.

Michael, the great prince, is standing up among My people in this day.  Though all the world stands against you, I have sent angel warriors and angel reapers into your life to litigate in your defense and to militate in your favor.  Rejoice, says God, for out of the Lamb’s book of Life your name has been declared and because of that CHANGE IS AT HAND. Embrace the change that I AM bringing, says God.  Accept that you are an eternal being living out a finite existence to be an example of grace and life and overcoming by My Strength every obstacle that comes against you.  As I AM from above, so you are from above because I have received you to Myself.  You are not merely human.  You are a new creation because in the cross I brought a conclusion, a terminus to the Adamic race and by the new birth I have brought you to Myself and raised you up as God men and God women in the earth.  Embrace this and demonstrate it in every thought, word and action as you go about your day this day, says your Father.

March 15, 2018.   The Father says today, heaven and earth will be dissolved, but My love for you will never be diminished or taken away from you.  I have fixed My love upon you this day, says God.  Though others despise you and at times you even hold yourself in contempt, that is not My heart toward you at any time.  I love you because I love you.  When you hate yourself or when you are influenced by the disdain of others that is just a case of mistaken identity.  What you do or do not do does not define who you are in My eyes.  Your entitlement before My throne is not affected by your actions or by your inaction.  I AM in your life because of who Jesus is and what was accomplished in Christ on the cross.  This is what righteousness is.  It is not means based, it is by grace through faith that you stand upright before Me without shame or guilt.

Raise your head, says the Father.  Be the everlasting gate that lifts its head in praise and worship in My presence.  You are accepted in the beloved.  You are safe.  You are sound and secure in My pavilion, in My embrace.  The Christian life is not intended to be that of going through life with the Damocles sword of religious condemnation looming over you, threatening immanent destruction.  I love you, says the Father.  From the posture of eternity, I AM bringing My love to bear in your life within the finite parameters of time and space.  What of sin?  It is forgiven.  What of shortcoming?  It is quenched in My empowering grace that changes you and causes you to be raised up to walk in newness of life.  Striving is at an end.  Earning of spiritual favor becomes unnecessary, for you are the recipient of all of heaven’s bounty through the impartation of My boundless love and favor.

March 14, 2018.   The Father says today, say in your heart of hearts “not My will but thine be done…”  My will is to glorify Myself in you.  My will is to be beautified on the inside of you by demonstration of My Spirit and demonstration of My power.  Receive of the giftedness of heaven this day, says God. Gifts of healing, tongues, miracles, discernment, the fullness of all that filleth all in all that you might MANIFEST Myself in you and in so doing manifest who I ordained you to be.  You are not a failure.  You are not under the curse.  There have been those that have cursed you, but I have blessed you.  There have been those who mocked you in your hope, but I have not mocked you, says God.  I have not mocked you, but I have sent the Only Begotten into the world to cause HIGHEST heart’s desire and GREATEST dream fulfilled to become reality in your life.

There is no lack, says God.  I AM not in lack therefore you are not in lack.  Are you going to believe the bank balance of man’s financial institutions or the bank balance of heaven that has accrued to you by My promise?  Listen to Me, says God, for I am a BLANK CHECK GOD and the vaults of heaven are standing open that you might withdraw by faith ALL THAT YOU HAVE NEED OF.  That isn’t what others have taught you, but you have to make your mind up if you believe the simple testimony of My word or the convoluted theories and formulas of unbelief by which man makes My word of none effect.  Anchor yourself in Me.  Let this mind be in you that was in Me, the CHRIST MIND that enabled Me to overcome the wicked one and is enabling you to find the empowerment from on high that WILL change the situation you are struggling with.

March 13, 2018.   The Father says today, let your testimony be “I go to the Father…”  When you are tempted to wonder where your life is going, remember this – you were with Me in the eternities before the foundation of the world and you will be with Me during the endless ions of future time.  If you can receive it, you are with Me now, seated in heavenly places far above all principalities and powers and every name that is named.  You are not a time bound, sense bound creature.  Refuse to allow that which originates in time or dictates from your five senses what will be.  I ask you the question now, as I asked Adam 6000 years ago – WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?  I say to you that you are not naked, but you are clothed upon of My glory and My Spirit that is putting you over in every avenue of life.

Let the declaration be heard and resound on the inside of you, the song of heaven that emancipates you and sets you more fully free than human tongue can tell.  The song of the Lamb is going out over you this day.  Can you hear that sweet refrain that reverberates in you and through you and by its power and resonance destroys all captivity, every lie of hell and all despair or hostility that could possibly presume to touch your life?  Stand up in that song today, says God.  Stand up and once and for all attenuate your spiritual ear to MY SOUND and not the cacophony of discordance that originates with the finite power of the enemy.  My song, the song of the I AM is thundering in you and through you to liberate, to heal, to set free and emancipate you and bring you this day, says God, into your BLESSING PLACE!

March 12, 2019.   The Father says today, you are more than flesh and blood.  You are more than the sum total of your parts or an amalgamation of your life’s experience.  Refuse to be defined by natural things or the opinions of others.  In My Kingdom I have ordained that you will be known as you are known.  I have ordained that in you something of My timelessness, boundlessness and unlimited potential would be realized.  In the echo chamber of your inner man let there be heard “all things are possible, only believe!”  Sin shall not hold you.  Boundaries shall not define you.  Because I AM, you are.  You are blessed.  You are whole.  You are renewed day by day.

So, go out in your day and live out My nature before men.  Just because those around you don’t “get it” doesn’t mean I AM not living out My truth and reality in your life.  Come up higher.  As the father waited for the prodigal, I stand waiting for you to come out of the “afar” off mentality and come rushing to My embrace that I might put a robe on your shoulders and a ring on your finger.  I am reclaiming you.  I AM reconstituting Myself in you today.  What you thought was lost is now recovered because you have found your solace and your security, not in outward things but in Me.  Accept this.  Believe it.  Know that the price is paid and all that is left for you to do is to lay your head on My shoulder and enter into the rest that I have prepared for you from the foundation of time.

March 11, 2018.   The Father says today, angels are attending you.  Angels are pressing in to My glory on the inside of you.  My “angelos” messengers are attending your life today.  As the angels before My throne cry holy, holy, holy, even so the angels assigned to your life are drawn, not to your humanity but to My glory on the inside of you.  Open your eyes and see that there are more heavenly allies standing up for you in the situation than all the imps of hell ranged about you to resist My irresistible will.  You do understand what the implications are of who I AM on the inside of you?  I AM in you, says the Father, and My will shall not be overthrown.  Even so, because I will not be denied, so you will not be denied. T he need is not to falsely inflate your human confidence but rather to pray as I prayed in Gethsemane, “not my will but thine be done…”

You never need fear to pray that prayer, says God.  You do understand that I take delight in prospering My saints?  Are you a saint?  Of course you are.  Your status as one of My holy ones is not based on your own piety or lack thereof, but upon who I AM on the inside of you.  I took on all suffering that I might alleviate all suffering.  I take up residence in you as surely as I sit upon the throne in the heavens.  Does Satan encroach at will upon My throne?  Then what makes you think he has any right to encroach upon your life.  Let your eyes be opened.  See the angels of heaven ascending and descending upon the son of man that I am on the inside of you.  They are always pressing in to the glory, not only the glory before My throne but the glory I have hid in your heart known and expressed as “Christ in You – the Hope of Glory”.  In that truth and in that promise, you can rest expectantly, anticipating the future I AM unfolding before you even this day.

March 10, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM guarding you, I AM guiding you and I AM directing you.  The natural mind and the natural man that is part of you assumes that it is informed, but in fact is quite clueless.  My invitation to you is come up higher.  Come up into the higher MIND that is the MIND OF CHRIST.  There was a price paid in blood that you might be equipped with resources to put you over in life as a king and a priest in the earth.  You do understand that ruling and reigning begins now?  There is not some cosmic date on a calendar on which you will suddenly know all, be all and instantly come to the full stature of the maturity of the Son.  I AM growing you now.  Cooperate now with what I am teaching you and instructing you and you will experience just how close to heaven on earth you can get on this side of eternity.

Are you waiting for some day, one day?  I have prepared a place for you that where I AM (now) you may be.  Are you ready to move into My now and to step into the NOW that I have accorded you in this life?  That isn’t the way you have always been taught, but you have to decide whether to listen to the counsel of the uninformed or choose to ascend into the mentality of the Christ mind that will illuminate and teach you ALL THINGS that I have afforded you in the entitlements of the shed blood of Calvary.  Say in your heart “I will take mine NOW…”  Determine this day and from this day forward that you will WALK INTO what others are merely waiting for!

March 9, 2018.   The Father says today, press into the press!  Don’t take no for an answer! My “yes and amen” is on the other side of the thing that is standing between you and your miracle.  It is time to radically change your approach to the challenges that are keeping you from your blessing place!  Things are the way they are because of what you are doing.  If you want something different you must do something different.  Be willing to think differently and act differently than you have in past situations.  Then and only then do you have hope of seeing another outcome, a different result qualified by My promise and My power moving in response to your radical acts of faith.

There are things you have waited on Me to do that will never happen unless you take action.  My Kingdom doesn’t come with observation.  Mere passive acquiescence to the circumstance will only engender deeper captivity.  I have done all that I am going to do about your situation.  What more than the work of the cross is necessary?  To think that there is something that must happen beyond Calvary is patent unbelief.  Say within yourself “it is FINISHED”!  Enter in by faith to the finished work of Calvary and begin to take practical, substantive, clearly defined steps of faith at the point of your greatest need and you will see your miracle!

March 8, 2018.   The Father says today, realize your position in My eyes.  You know how the world looks at you and you know how those close to you look at you.  I want you to realize and adapt your sense of self-referral to how I see you and how I regard you, says God.  This is the hour and the moment that I would that you cast aside the grave clothes of men’s opinions that have wrapped you up and held you.  From this day forward NEVER allow yourself to be defined by what others think or feel from a sense knowledge perspective.  The fear of man and the opinions of men from this day will no longer hold you, says the Father.  I created you as a creature of dominion.  I tasked you as Adam in the garden to subdue the earth that you find yourself in and be fruitful beyond all imagining.  This is who you are.  This is what I call you to this day as a tender and a keeper of the situation you walk around in day by day.

When I look at you, says the Father – I look at you as though you were a king, because in fact you ARE a king and priest called to tread My courts.  I have ordained that you would have dominion and not be one lorded over by anyone or anything.  I have given you territory and ordained that in that jurisdiction and prefecture, you would enforce the rule and the peace of My Kingdom.  I call you this day to begin to exercise that dominion as though you actually believed it, whether you feel it in the natural or not.  I have not called you to natural things but to spiritual realities and in the Spirit as I sit enthroned in your heart by faith, so you sit enthroned in the earth as My regent and as My heir – so take authority and put down every insurgency of the enemy against My blessing in your life and the lives of those around you.  Rise up, says God and take your position.  Stand forth in the boldness of one who knows who I AM on the inside of you and you will surely see the SHIFT come that puts you over in life and lands you right in the center of your manifest destiny.

March 7, 2018.   The Father says today, I have ordained you to be with Me.  There are many things pulling on you that have nothing to do with what I have actually called you to.  Your first and your primary call is to find a place of intimacy with Me.  You will never find My secret until you come to Me in the secret place.  There are verities and truths that I wish to impart that are not for public consumption or for anyone other than yourself.  Yet, from that place of holy disclosure, I will empower you and activate in you the anointing of heaven that will touch many lives.  Are you willing to give up the demands of the outward life to find inward reality in Me?  This is a come-up-higher moment for you today.  I don’t want you to have a spiritual experience that is 2 miles wide and only a half inch deep.  Come into the deeps with Me.  Let the demands of natural things take a back seat to My still, small voice that is wooing you deeper into the things of My Spirit.

This day I break over your life the tyranny of the urgent, that you might prioritize the important.  Natural things can wait.  E-mails and texts can go unanswered.  Social media will be there waiting on you tomorrow.  The eye is never full of seeing, nor the ear of hearing but I have called you this day to My side.  The things of tomorrow shall take care of themselves, but I have called you to come away with Me and sit at My feet as Mary did, learning of Me.  There will be time to be a “Martha” tomorrow.  Reject the illegitimate authority of men’s opinions.  Set aside the man pleasing spirit that runs from problem to problem, trying to live up to someone else’s expectation rather than settling in and tucking yourself into My embrace and letting the trivialities of life dim in the resonant glory of My presence that is now upon you.  It’s time to grow up into Me, My beloved.  Maturity in My kingdom never comes outside of the climate of intimacy I bid you to find in Me and make your priority today.

March 6, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM the same yesterday, today and forever.  I AM no respecter of persons, but I AM a respecter of faith.  When you do with your faith what others have done with their faith you will see the same results.  My mind is made up about your healing.  My mind is made up about your increase.  My mind is made up about your breakthrough.  Because I AM a covenantal God, that means that I do not decide on a case by case basis whether or not I will stand by My promise.  Every one of My promises is yes and amen.  That is not always what you have been taught, but you be a Father pleaser and accept the testimony of My word and not the fallacious, sense knowledge thinking of religious mentalities who constantly try to reconcile My word to their limited experience.  Reject all such erroneous opinions, for whatever you choose to rationalize will become the stronghold that defines your life.  I AM a good God.  I AM faithful to My word.  Press in to My faithfulness.  Lay hold on My faithfulness, for you will surely not be disappointed.

This is water walking time for you.  Others may stand aside and wait for a fair wind, but it is the sluggard who says “there is a lion in the streets and I cannot go out…”  Those whose lives are defined by timidity and caution are nothing more than careful failures.  That is not your portion and that is not what I have called you up to.  Those who know Me will be strong and do exploits.  That is who you are.  You are strong.  Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  If you are going to DO exploits you must be willing to be EXPLOITATIVE.  Others may cower and nurse their victim mentality, but I AM calling you to shake yourself loose from the do-nothing opinions of the do-nothing people who have decided there is nothing to do.  Is there not a cause?  Am I not with you?  This is your hour and your time and in nothing shall you be ashamed, says God.

March 5, 2018.   The Father says today, fear will not hold sway over you.  Know this beloved, that perfect love casts out fear.  All fear, timidity and trepidation will vanish from your life, not because circumstances change but because you have allowed My love – My agape, unconditional love to dominate every transaction and interaction in your life.  You need not fear failure in any area when the LOVE that NEVER FAILS becomes the leading response you choose to have to every unlovely act that others perpetrate against you.  Love is the fail-safe place because love never fails.  Why would you ever step out of love if a step out of love is a step into tragedy and failure?  The secret to an overcoming life is not found in getting over on those who oppose you, but rather through loving them in ways that they cannot control or retaliate against.

So, go out in your day and love with the love of God every difficult person in your life.  Love them on My terms and not theirs.  Love is not bowing to every demand or requirement of unruly, ungodly or unhelpful people.  My Lordship must come first, but from that position, of one under the covering shadow of My love, you will then never be intimidated, cowed down or held back by the foolish, immature actions of those who think they control what happens next in your life.  I will hold them in derision and prepare for you a table in the midst of your enemies laden with every good thing that you could possibly desire, need or want.  That is who I AM and that is who I want you to understand that I AM as you readily, willingly and with abandon become the instrument of My love to a lost and dying world.

March 4, 2018.   The Father says today, the outlook is not bleak.  The enemy is confronting you with your past and assailing you with hopelessness and despair.  I say to you that nothing shall separate you from My love and nothing shall separate you from the outcome that I have promised.  Every promise in My word is yes and amen in your life because you know you are called according to My purpose.  What man threatens is of no relevance.  What the circumstance says is a lie.  What others think from their unbelieving perspective has no bearing on what happens next in your life.  I AM the God of the impossible.  What man cannot do and what you cannot change is as nothing to Me.  Forget all the conditions and circumstances that seem to weigh so heavily against you.  What I have promised will surely be your portion as you relinquish the outcome and anchor your hope in My word, then you will never be ashamed or come to failure.

Continue walking in My love.  Let the LOVE THING be your first response to every disappointment and every challenge.  Refuse to allow resentment to enter in to your emotions.  Reject all bitterness and self-hatred.  You are accepted in the beloved.  You are the apple of My eye.  My watch care over you is unfailing and constant at all times.  Purpose to press into the righteousness, peace and joy that is My Kingdom.  I will bring you to the place where everything you say and do becomes as effective as if I said it or did it.  Let My peace act as the umpire in your heart, settling with finality every controversy, every expectation, says God.  You will not be brought to shame because you dared to hope and dared to believe for better things.  I AM the God of renewed opportunity even where failure has dominated before.  This is your hour.  This is your time.  Fear not but believe only and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

March 3, 2018.   The Father says today, that I AM the God of hope realized and desire fulfilled.  You know what it is to experience the false promises of this world.  Outward things have not satisfied and even when you acquired what you thought would make you happy, it only became an empty disappointment.  Return to the river that I have caused to flow down deep within you.  There is a river, there is a current of My Spirit that not only flows near you, it originates in you.  It is a current of glory and refreshing and fullness that flows to every empty, lonely place down in your heart.  What man cannot be to you and what things cannot be to you I AM bringing of Myself to satisfy every possible need you will ever have.  All that I AM and all that I ever will be flows through you, to you and in you.  Receive this day of My fullness.  Forsake the constant race of the flesh to acquire, to taste, see, experience, for the eye is never full of seeing, the ear is never tired of listening, but as you come to Me I will give you rest and cause you to feed on My stillness.

Be still and know, says God.  Know that the I AM that I AM is resident within you.  There is no lack.  There is no need.  There is no deficit or outward thing that you have need of that I AM not manifesting on the inside of you right now.  Who I AM on the inside of you is manifesting the substance outwardly that meets every need.  I AM healing.  I AM restoration.  I AM money.  I AM supply.  If you have Me, and you do have Me, you have all things.  I AM on the inside of you all things that pertain to life and godliness.  I AM the ever-present help in the time of your need.  No more striving.  No more chasing after that elusive something that the enemy deceives so many with.  Never allow the enemy to tell you that you are naked.  You are not naked.  You are clothed upon with My glory and in that glory every need is met, and every desire fulfilled that you could ever have need of in this life, My beloved.

March 2, 2018.   The Father says today, I have made you a partaker of My nature.  You were formed in My image to be a bearer of My glory and My power.  Your deepest and most true self is purely spirit, made uniquely to live in intimacy with Me.  It is My purpose daily that you walk with Me in the cool of the day in undistracted fellowship with My Spirit.  I have given you dominion and power to rule your environment and superintend creation in the interests of accommodating the outworking of your connection with Me.  This life, this earth walk you are engaged in was never intended to be one titanic struggle with darkness, downturn or destruction.  You are a creature of dominion, intimacy and grace.  That is who you are.  That is the beauty that is in you.  Adapt your thinking and your focus, not upon the outward things trying to distract and diminish you.  Set your affection on things above where all authority resides and you will see that authority being implemented in your life to manifest heaven on earth as your personal reality.

Taste and see, says the Father.  Taste and see even this day of My goodness and My greatness on the inside of you.  Drink deeply of the fullness of My Spirit on the inside of you.  Practice and give diligence every day and every moment of the day to be God-inside minded.  There are those who are so caught up with the outward that they live their lives in one continuous reaction to external things.  They reel from one happenstance and experience to another.  They are tossed to and fro like a plaything that the enemy delights to torment and control.  This is not your portion.  You are anchored in Me. You are secure in Me and I AM secure in you.  In nothing therefore, will you be moved, dismayed or diverted from the plan and the destiny I have so ordered for you from the foundation of the world.  Striving is at an end.  Abiding trust now secures your future.  Blessing is your only expectation and newness of life is yours every morning in the world, says God.

March 1, 2018.   The Father says today, that the doom and gloomers have seen some things, but you have to make up your mind which side of the mountain you want to lay your foundations?  Do you want to immerse yourself in the gloom and gross darkness of what the enemy is doing?  Or do you want to anchor yourself where the morning is spread on the mountains, where My favor is available, and your outcome is assured?  I have not given you a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.  It is time to reject the narrative of despair that robs you of hope and steals your joy.  I AM with you, says the Father, and I will never leave you or forsake you – of whom then shall you be afraid?

Learn to think God-thoughts in the midst of the battle, says God.  When the enemy wants you to focus on his smoke and mirror threats, purpose in your heart at that moment to find the table that I have spread for you and all its bounty.  There is no assault or strategy of the enemy that can destroy you for I have taken up residence in your life.  Because I AM in you – failure is not an option.  Because I am in you – you shall be above only and not beneath.  Because I AM in you I will see to it that you will ride on the high places of the earth and take the spoil from the mouth of the lion and the paw of the bear and in nothing shall you be ashamed, says the Father.


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The Father Says Today – March 2018 — 1 Comment

  1. Bless you Prophet Russell…
    I have heard the call to restore intimacy and prayer, during this lent. And to get back into my private space positioning myself as a seeker, I’m reading parts of God Chasers again..and I’m just taking time to be refreshed. I’ve been laying hands on my feet and annointing and consecration myself and heard the call to return to prayer via Bishop Duncan Williams this morning and even annointed some personal pictures anc pulled out my prayer manual preparing to start my prayer walk even if its in a wardrobe… its whats available to me to cover myself and my daughter the same way I did with her as a child. whilst I was resting in between study and refreshing I felt as though someone tampered with my spirit and jumped up talking in tounges. But it’s some wishing threats whilst I’m on a sabbatical. Any thoughts or wisdom to share outside of unsubscribing from the Facebook accounts???