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The Men are Rising with a Warning to Beware — 2 Comments

  1. The fight against feminism (the Jezebel Spirit) lies primarily with women. Feminists will defame us blokes as “toxic males” and “evil patriarchy” etc… when stand against feminism. Therefore “proving” their deceitful argument, and gaining more power as a result. Don’t get me wrong there are many blokes ready to go, but the fight, initially at least, has to be led by women.

  2. Amen! it is time for all his children come to the secret place ( the hiding place or the refuge ); our eternal HOME where you abide IN him through you obedience to his command( Jn15:10, 14:23); – ‘The Ten Commandments’ – the EVERLASTING COVENANT(Ex34:27-28,Dt4:13); the resting place of the Father where he sit enthroned FOREVER – Mount Zion that he has chosen ( Ps132: 13-14, 43:3, Eze43:12, Joel3:17,21) ; the Holy of holies – the CITY of square ( 1kI6:20, Rev21:16) the city with foundations which Abraham was looking forward to ( Heb11:10, 16-17, 12:22, 13:14,Isa60:14, Ps46:4,107:7, Eze48;1-35) ; the BRIDE – the heavenly Jerusalem and she is our Mother ( Rev21:10, Gal4:26, Isa49:14-23, 51:2, 54:1, 66:7-10) . those who keep the Sabbath without desecrating it and hold fast to his covenant – these he will bring to his holy mountain ( Isa56:6-7,57:13,Jer3:14, 50:5 ) , where they will find rest and be safe and enjoy the abundant (Isa25:6-8, Ps48:1-14,87:1-7,133:3,Eze 20:40-44).thank you for the message, looking forward the time when men and women stand together in ONE with the LORD and UNITY with each other . I pray grace and peace with all who love the LORD and keep his commandments ! Amen!

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