The Resurrection is NOT about Bunnies! — 3 Comments

  1. Amen.Thank you for bringing this to light. There are too many Christians compromising his teachings to fit in with the world. All Glory belongs to HIM.

  2. Yes!  I spent this year sharing my revelations about Easter & Halloween with my 5 & 7 year old.  That these celebrations go against how God tells us to worship him.  That these celebrations are not of God.  I asked them to think and pray about it and let me know what the Holy Spirit tells them.  Well, the Spirit is convicting them that celebrating these holidays with the world is not of God and they don’t want to do it.  His year will be the first year we don’t do Easter baskets and eggs.  Instead I got them books about Jesus and bible verse cards and bible verse bookmarks, some candy and put it all in a gift bag. Things that will keep their minds on Christ.  This year I will focus on educating them about the pagan aspects of Christmas and encourage them to pray about it.  We think we do these things for our children, but we are really doing it for ourselves because change is hard and takes effort.  If we present truth to our children, and their hearts are in the right place, they will be the first ones to say let’s glorify God.
    You’re right!  Once we know the truth, we can not go back!

  3. Wow,

    I had to explain this to my child and she was a bit upset.  I also had to explain that she wont get an easter basket either filled with candy and toys. I had been trying to teach her this as she grows up but then you have T. V. and stores that promote this stuff amd it draws the kids in. I told my child this was from the world of lies just like santa clause but she should remember that it is not about us on Easter it’s about our resurrected Christ Jesus.

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