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The Spirit of Truth is Now Exposing the Great Pretenders — 10 Comments

  1. This Spirit of Truth is indeed now exposing the lies and the liars.  But now is also a time where the faith for many Christians is being tested over whether to listen to the Spirit of Truth or to the lies and confusion that is coming from the world.  Basically, we will pass this test if we are grounded in Christ, and then words, like this one from Veronika, will both resonate with us and give us encouragement. 

    Those who pass the test will also come out stronger.  Some who fail the test may, hopefully, be given another chance but will miss a present opportunity; while others may miss the mark altogether. The test is intended to make us stronger; but it is also intended to bring about separation between those who listen to the Spirit of Truth and those who listen to lies.  We cannot listen to both.  We either have the faith to go into the promised land or else we die in the wilderness.  May each of us have the faith to ignore the bad reports and to be overcomers!

  2. I Prophesy,

    In the midst of a great shaking, shifting and divine separating, a loud rattling sound shall be heard coming up from the valley as a mighty remnant army rises to take her place on the battlefield for the birthright and destiny of the nations.

    For in great power and authority, this mighty Army shall advance and conquer the strongholds of the enemy.  And as the violent, they shall take The Kingdom by force!

  3. I Prophesy, Your Spirit of Truth is exposing the great pretenders from among you, the ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, for You are stripping the evil rulers of the nations of their garments of corruption and perversion that have long covered them, and naked they shall stand before You and before the world to see.

    For their evil works done in secret, cannot and will not be hidden from Your Sight.

    For what has been conceived and concealed in darkness, shall now be uncovered and revealed in the light.

    For their stiff necks shall be broken and their uncircumcised hearts shall be their downfall. For You shall not be mocked, but You shall avenge Your enemies with just one breath from Your Nostrils.

    For sudden death and destruction shall come upon those who dare to stand in the way of Your Governing Hand of Justice and Righteousness.

    REVENGE shall overtake and overpower workers of evil ( wrongdoers) who came against thr children of the LIVING GOD. This message proclaim God’s WORD 4 HIS people. AMEN☝☝☝

  5. Just as Mary declared before the Angel, be it unto me according to your word. So I am declaring be it as the Lord God as declared. God says it, we believe it and that settles it. In Jesus precious name. Amen!

  6. Judgement begins at the household of God; and, to those who have eyes to see, the Lord will also reveal wolves within the church – as well as the hirelings and blind-guides. Those who serve mammon and selfish-ambition will be revealed – and, indeed, are now being revealed – to the elect. The remnant will increasingly see the spirit under which many leaders, who have previously received its trust, have operated.  This revelation will be necessary for the formation and the protection of the wine skin. There is a high standard for serving Christ, which precludes the pursuit of popularity.  This standard is increasingly necessary, as the times become increasingly precarious.  Paul said,
    “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.” 
    (Galatians 1: 10)

  7. Ha!  Who shall stop what I have begun and who shall restrain or contain what I have ordained?

    For I tell you the truth my beloved, eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, nor have it entered the hearts of man what I have prepared for those that love Me!”


  8. My God!!! May it be just as You have spoken through Your Prophet, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Thank You Father!!
    Greatly bless the beautiful feet of this humble messenger Abba. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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