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  1. Unfortunately,many have been deceived by the giftings and calling,they use such things and ministers and prophets they admire as a standard to determine their standing with God. The living Word of God is infallible and will be used to judge our actions, intents and all things pertaining to our lives, may God help us to abide in Him and live by every Word that proceeds from His mouth.

  2. i know of such…..they go thru the motions of being righteous but inside they there is no life….there is no fruit on their tree….they will try to make you feel guilty about them because they on the outside appear to be holy …but inside they are not holy….there is no fruit of the Spirit in them …..none…..judge them by the fruit of the Spirit of God…..love peace joy kindness ect….there is none of that in them…….thank you for this word sister may God bless you

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