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Trust in His Promises and Believe in His Provision — 6 Comments

  1. WOW…Walled cities are not a problem. Giants will be slain; iron chariots will not have an advantage over you; weapons will misfire; walls will come crashing down right in front of you; gates will be open; captives will be set free; your enemies will run from you; the land will be subdued.

    PoweRFUL PoweRFUL…AMEN Pr June☝☝☝⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰

  2. Powerful and exactly what I needed to be reminded of.  I have all my family in Canada and it has been hard NOT seeing them since March; HOWEVER I am so thankful for FaceTime!  I believe God has orchestrated that blessing and I am grateful.  Thanks again June for your hearing ears and obedience in speaking the Father’s heart :) God bless you.

  3. Amen!The Lord has always provided for me and my family,during the worst of times. I am certain that He as always will!

  4. I trust in you Lord, in you alone. The negative naysayers are “dead men walking”. Thank you Jesus.  Freedom is found in you alone. Thank you Lord for waking me every morning, for giving me my very breathe, for making my heart to beat.
    Love you Jesus, my Lord, my Savior, my reason for being here.

  5. Woohoo! Glory to God. He reigns and there is none like Him. Thank you Dr.June for the beautiful words of hope and life. Thank you so much. May the Lord continue to bless you more and more.

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