Time to Have Eyes Like the Eagle and Soar Above the Circumstances! — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Jo Ellen, thanking Jesus for revealing this to you,two days ago me and the partner in backyard standing around for 4hours or so and I looked at the ibis bird flying above my house and said to my partner check this out of how smooth the ibis bird glides in the air and my partner looked and agreed and said “he like to be a ibis rather than a eagle”, I replied “I’d rather be above the storm, with no problems from below”, and this same day I was down on my backstep feeling as unworthy as he was at a different time that same day,and Kelly Ewing has shared a word for me as well as you for my fiancee.. God bless you for sharing sisters in Christ

  2. Yes, Amen. When we keep looking at The Lord Jesus, with the eyes of our heart, we behold His glory, and receive His answers to all things around us in the natural realm.

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