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Ukraine, Russia, WW3 and Media Deception — 35 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this.  It surely witnesses, and helps understanding tremendously. 

    I have long felt that the Globalists and ever-grasping, suffocatingly evil EU are responsible for the problems Ukraine have faced since 2014. We promised Russia not to expand eastwards, and then proceeded to do so – the EU sucking more and more once Warsaw Pact countries into their control.

    What is happening is absolutely terrible.  My heart breaks for the Ukrainians, but it would have been better for them to remain a neutral state.  I blame the Globalists and their puppets for this terrible mess, and the media for severely fuelling the fire.

    Peter Hitchens has dared to write several articles about this. They’re insightful (he has lived out there) and he dares to write some of what really has gone on behind the scenes.  https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/

    Time has surely been accelerated.

  2. God bless you sister for being obedient to deliver a difficult message. Please forgive me for questioning/criticizing you for previous prophecies concerning Trump.

  3. I agree with you Veronika, this isn’t WW3.  The line about the showdown being between ‘those who have chosen religion over intimate relationship’ rings so true.  Putin is the epitome of false Religion with his pan-Slavic mysticsm via the Orthodox Church and recent personal involvement with occult shamans.

  4. I would draw your attention to a prophecy given by Mark Taylor in 2016, which is also about President Putin, and which was published on this site:

    It says that President Putin, as well as President Trump, would be used to fight “the Elite, the Globalists, and the Illuminati”. I believe this is now happening in the Ukraine today, although the mainstream media which serves the Elite, the Globalists, and the Illuminati, would not want you know about it.

  5. Thank the Lord you also see that Zelensky is wicked, he truly is! The man has 1.3 billion in the bank, has a huge house in Florida and is merely another ‘actor’ playing his part as a satanic puppet.

    Putin, once himself a ‘young global leader’ of the World Economic Forum has obviously now rejected ‘their’ global plans- he has seen first hand as the family unit is stripped and nazism rises in Ukraine and he has rejected it. He has many many times warned of the satanic ways of the West, and he finally acted.

    I do not believe Zelensky is even in the Ukraine! It’s all ‘smoke and mirrors’ as you say, and the media is totally complicit.

    ‘They’ know that a perfect way for the New World Order to rise, is from the ashes of another world war! Just as the UN and NATO was raised from WWII, so the ‘NWO’ will surely raise from WW3.

    Blessings from UK, Love David xxx

  6. The doomsday clock is now at 100 seconds to midnight.
    Do not assume Putin is in the right amd discern the message.
    Putin has prevented the gospel being preached. He will not even allow a prayer meeting in a private residence or you can be arrested. 2 wrongs do not are a right.
    Jesus is brighter than any atomic bomb and more powerful. Do not fear – but discern. Both are sides of the same coin and neither is right. Smoke and mirrors. The enemy is playing both for his time is short.

  7. Dear Veronika,
    I am so grateful for this Word.
    I have been loosely “following” Putin since I had the pleasure of hearing his address to the German Federal Parliament in 2001. I was home for lunch and listened to the German overseas service as usual. I was very impressed and I still am. Putin is consistent, a clear thinker and he thinks of the People first.He upholds and protects the culture and Christian life. He very much wanted to closely co-operate with Western Europe, continue where we had been interrupted. For almost 20 years he has tried to forge a group of Nations for that purpose. One could read about this on the website of the Russian Embassies. I had found it on the London Embassy a few years ago. It was definitely removed from the Website in Berlin in 2020. It would have been wonderful for Europe.But others had been in the way.

    I was warned of this war in 2019 by the ‘ Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief’ (either the Lord himself or St Michael who is the Protector of Kiev: everyone has a role to play.
    God bless you.

  8. Well done Veronika! You are seeing right through Satan’s schemes. This is going much deeper than we have known. Russia was provoked and the Ukranian people are not innocent. They were part of the people who overthrew a duly elected president along with the US. All this blood is on the United State’s political leader’s hands primarily. Not Russia. Just as the Jesus recognized the Pharisees were to specifically to blame, not pilot. We need to slow down and not jumped to conclusions. Do not follow the mainstream media and test the spirits. So thankful that you are seeing the provocation Veronika.

    • Russia was not provoked. It was betrayed. They have been very patient, but the course of events dictated the action. NATO sent plans for invasion of the autonomous
      regions to help the militia to slaughter their Russian kinfolk.
      In France they interviewed an Ukrainian woman who has lived in France for years but has her extended family still back home. Instead of condemning the invasion she was glad that it has finally happened. Life for ordinary people is very hard while others are rolling in money. The regime does not seem to be very popular and uses some fascist groups to help keeping order.
      God bless you and protect you.

  9. Thank you for that courageous word Veronika.This fact has been a head turner after hearing Jonny Enlow say a similar thing. I’ve been waiting for some of the other prophets to confirm this. When I read your word a sense of agreement rose within me. I realise that we as prayer warriors have a ‘new’ assignment and cannot afford to be indifferent in these days. Thank you.

    • Great that you posted this video. I only had the German version.
      Also here we see the promised uncovering of evil.
      Thank you

  10. Dear Veronika, You truly do hear the Lord,the truth of what is really going on in Ukraine, Zelensky is George Soros’ hand picked puppet and a World Economic Forum puppet for the Globalists. The American media is lying to us,trying to foment war,with evil politicians in this country pulling the strings.God Bless You,your word from the Lord is true.

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