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Ukraine, Russia, WW3 and Media Deception — 35 Comments

  1. This shouldn’t even be controversial to the reader by now. Thank you sister Veronika, for re-posting.

  2. Remember a prophecy given Pastor Lynn Hammond… toward the end of this age, satan would try to do a hostile takeover before his time………

  3. Ukraine an Z is corrupt and the US government and news media are telling lies. All is being exposed now, by God. Wake up people!!

  4. Please get the facts. Z is an actor. This whole scenario is not real. Putin is rescuing children from Nazis in Ukrainian. Pray for them & him.

  5. The people of Ukraine are over ruled by evil leaders just like US. Ukraine has been central to corrupt American government figures for years to launder cash for criminal activities this includes many Republicans as well as Democrat figures. Zelenski is just a corrupt puppet figure no more.

  6. It is true words of wisdom and truth as I have heard this information from people who do not claim to be a christian.

  7. Putin is a monster – He invaded a sovereign nation and bombs women and children, hospitals NO ONE IN UKRAINE WANTS TO BE UNDER HIS RULE. Franklin Graham shared the gospel with Zelensky clearly. Samaritan Purse has two field hospitals in Ukraine. Zelensky is supported by the citizens in Ukraine for they have freedoms there and worship openly. My sources.  Arise: Life Ukraine on Facebook.( Russian speaking pastor). I am a Texas Attorney and close follower of Jesus. Also your prophecy re Pence absolutely true.

    • No. Putin did not intentionally. He only did what he did to stop our evil govt n Ukraine in their evilness. Ukraine murdered their own and blame Pres Putin.

  8. Putin is not a globalist, he is, in simple terms, a nationalist; he supports the Orthodox Church and is friendly towards Rick Renner’s Church in Moscow, he affirms the traditional family, he sent Soros and his chums packing and spoke out against the whole woke agenda. Isn’t it just possible that he is in the way of the globalists? Just look who is shouting for blood in the USA, all those that have lied to us for the past two years. He needs our prayers too. Apparently Putin’s mum was a Christian and she has a Jewish surname; God used ravens [unclean birds] to do his bidding. In the beginning DJT was a raven too. The Ukrainian Government is corrupt and deeply intrenched in the deep state with child trafficking going on, money laundering – remember Hunter Biden’s laptop? There is more here than meets the eye it’s not as it seems. This could be is not an invasion but actually a liberation of the Ukraine who have been asking him for help.

    • You may be right here. Putin loves his country. The EU want to have dominion , and have set up laws to obliterate Christ.

    • EXACTLY!!!!  And, there is always collateral damage, i.e., our US government is so corrupt and they are the bullies of the world to benefit themselves and their pockets, but it’s the American citizens who WILL pay the price for their dirty deeds, whether it be higher taxes to pay for their disgusting wars or eventually an attack on our homeland, where innocents will surely die.  That’s the way war works, unfortunately, but the more the deep state claims Putin is a monster the more I know there’s more to the story, the same as what they do to Donald Trump.  Putin and Trump are a nuisance, disrupting their plans to have a one world government.

  9. ‘Secret deals and diabolical plans’ …. are coming into the light.

    This evening on GB News an alarming piece was run which said that the US Defense Dept. have actually been funding the Ukrainian Health Dept. to carry out dangerous Gain-of-Function research into lethal viruses and bacteria for Bio-weapons in THIRTEEN laboratories in Odessa, Ukraine. 

    The US have always denied having bioweapons laboratories sited in Ukraine – and Russia has always claimed there were US Bioweapons on Ukrainian soil – but the US have now admitted to this. It’s hard to imagine that the Ukrainian President would not have known about this? 

    This is the same scenario as in Wuhan where the laboratory was in China but the funding for the research came from the US. The piece relevant runs from 6.50 to 24.05. and is entitled ‘Wuhan 2.0’ The journalist who investigated and broke the story is interviewed.


  10. God bless you! Thanks so much for sharing what the Lord gives you!  This lines up with other things I’ve read and have been pondering and praying for understanding and revelation.  I look forward to hearing from your posts as I know you hear from the Lord and I have great respect for you. Thanks again and God bless you!

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