Unless These Days Be Shortened

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The House Cleaning

Ask yourself, do you think that Jesus Christ is going to iron out His church, before He comes back.  I often wonder, how we were led to quote so many things the apostles wrote, and so little of what Jesus Christ himself said.  His own disciples, asked Him some very pointed questions, about when He was going to return; what signs would there be of this.  And what would be the signs, of the end of this world.

There’s truly not been a lot of discussion over the years, about what a tare really is in the Church, or how they got there. Christ said clearly, “Tares are the children of the wicked one.”

We all got the part about leaving them be; let them grow up with everybody else.  I honestly tried to preach about this many years back; it was rejected, and frankly, most people were not even interested, at all.  Actually, we did not read this closely, and we didn’t even talk about it.  Christ said, He would send forth His angels, and gather the tares together.  But when?  At the time of the harvest; before He came back.

It doesn’t seem to move most of what we call the church, that Jesus made a couple of comments about how all of this was going to happen.  He said, “but the end is not yet.”  And He also said, “this is the beginning of sorrows.”  All, before He comes back.  You see, He talked about, severing the just, from the unjust.  The just are the wheat, He would gather together into His barns.  The others, would be cast into the lake of fire.  He said that those angels of his, would gather the tares and bind them up first.  He was not talking about the kingdom of satan, He was talking about His kingdom.

Yes, Christ is most definitely going to clean house, before He comes back.  I often thought, we didn’t really get some things we were quick to quote.  It seems, we so easily slid over those words, “without spot or wrinkle.”  And we left it there.

There are tares in the church, in God’s field, and they are of the devil.  This is where many jump up to say, oh, you’re judging.  I’d like to ask another question; why would Jesus Christ want His church, in the condition it is in today.  It’s not perfected; it is not operating in the fullness He meant for it to be; the ministry is not functioning in the order God set in the church; so few gifts of the Spirit are being administered in their entirety; and there are still a lot of babies, that have never matured or grown up.

The church as we know it, is functioning far below, what we could have or should have.  I’ll confess.  There is some more ironing, that needs to be done in me. I haven’t reached, where I was meant to be yet.  I’ve still got some spots, and some wrinkles, He hasn’t pressed hard enough on yet.  I know at this very moment, what the scoffers, the scorners and all of the gainsayers are saying and thinking; I can feel their oppression.  As the heat becomes more intense, they are going to wither; it’s already begun.  Jesus said, that after this purging, THEN, His kingdom would shine forth bright as the sun.  It’s no wonder He said, he that hath an ear, let him hear.  We’re not to fear; He said so. God, open our understanding, to your Word.  Right now.


Unless These Days Be Shortened

I’m appealing to those in or around my age group; or even more so.  Can you not say, without even thinking too much about it, that many things have progressed so rapidly.  We are now seeing things come to pass; things we once knew and talked about.  We were told years back, that Jesus would come back, in our lifetime.  We may not have understood, that many things would come to pass; before He did.

Things we once read and studied in the Revelation, are not coming in the future; they are already here.  And some have actually been in place, for a long while already.  Doesn’t it make sense, that the best time to enact some things, is when many are asleep, or caught up in themselves and the cares of life.  I think our time on this social network, is short.  You see, in the very beginning, we were no threat to the kingdom of darkness, or the powers that be.  That has changed.  We’ve dared, to speak, what the Spirit speaks.

Up until the past few years, there was no place to say the things that have been said here; we weren’t allowed to.  See, many thought they had truly silenced God’s voice, among His people.  Funny, how some people think, they can outsmart the Holy Spirit of God.  Do we think, that God cannot use modern technology, for His own benefit.  We’ve sought to relate things that the Spirit, is saying to the Church.  We’ve encouraged one another, talked about going back to our first love and stood up, for the things God has set in the Church also.  We ministered here; that wasn’t supposed to happen.

True prophets, have declared things here.  Why here?  Because, it’s where most of the people are; on the computer.  It was unplanned, that we might look into numerous church services, and see what really went on there.  It became a place, that people would see our true colors; and discern, what we were really about.  By the way, I just saw, in Acts 15, that Judas and Silas, were prophets themselves.  I never saw it before, because it was not time for me to see it.  People who are truly seeking the leading of the Spirit, and doing everything they can to follow Him, are very troubled; uneasy.

I once wrote, it’s later than we think; and it is; even more so now.  Too many have heard the same thing; had the same urging from the Holy Ghost.  Dry bones, have begun to stand up once more.  Being cast aside, being rejected, shunned, scorned and suppressed, has brought about some things, the oppressors, did not plan on.

We stand on the brink, of the very things Jesus said were going to happen in this time. Many are truly pleading with the body of Christ, to pay attention, and to be prepared for the things Jesus said would come to pass.  As more and more unfolds, it will be harder to rise above it.

Tribulation isn’t coming; it’s already begun.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. I had the same message this week that the time will be shortened for the sake ofHis people. And this morning a reminder that we need to remember the virgins that was waiting on the Lord but only half was watchful for Him and kept going with His return in mind…the other half wasnt prepared cause they only lived in the moment not being watchful for His coming and so they werent prepared.