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What I Saw in Wales — 3 Comments

  1. hopefully this message works, im using and email that ive not used for so long. its intresting what your saying here i believe the shift that is coming is going to be so shocking. we have got so use to the revelation of the lamb and when we hear the lion roar we think its the ememie. its a wake up believe matthew 24 and walk it out by his grace revival hahahaha. my anointing is very confrontational and i feel the tention between the sleeper and those who are awake, the wheat and the tares are being seperated .

  2. Man of God – I believe the spirit of Revival is HERE. Starts in the heart – Ignited by the simplicity of a post. People are getting taught, but not getting “caught” as they “ought” through the power of the Holy Spirit in obedience, Prov.4:7 manifests in living the life taught. It is a spirit. 1Sam.15:23 – The shaking comes w/the stirring LET God a-“ROUSE” Psm.68 in our sphere of influence. We need the call for “solemn assembly” Yes! – but lets also remember, God only needs a few. Matt.18:20. in the Upper Room – Praying w/you man of God, along w/a whole host of the Church Body. Let’s go Church!

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