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    • Hi Sarah, As I went to read this word again, I happened to see your comment. I am so honored that you would bless both Chris and I. We have been around a long time and I am so humbled to have a couple of people that the Lord has given me specifically in this hour to mentor and what a joy it has been. God bless you as the Holy Spirit teaches you and uses others as well. Sandi Holman

  1. Hallelujah i also felt this in my spirit this week.. God is raising up His Remnant going to win souls no matter the plans of the enemy, planning their next move.. We will have the anointing of Wigglesworth fearless anointed breed.

  2. I was in a revival service last weekend in Houston, Texas where Evangelist Daniel Chand from the UK, prayed and prophesied over children under 12 years old.
    One 8 year old girl( Youth Pastors child) came under such anointing that she saw angels in the sanctuary and she laid hands on adult attendees who were touched by the power of Holy Spirit. As she did this, she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues.
    Daniel Chand prophesied that she is an Evangelist and will lead revivals all over the world.

    • Praise God for that Brother…another Jeremiah…the weeping prophet of the Old Testament.And who’s the Weeping Prophet of the New Testament?Luke/24+28=52…they parallel together…And the message of Jeremiah/and Luke is they preaching about 1/Sin…2/Rebellion…3/Witchcraft…and the World/see 1 John 2vs15 to17…13 times 4=52…as well as Genesis/Law+Haggai/Prophet =52.39+13=52.These evangelists will be preaching this same message…the message hasn’t changed…See Malachi 3vs6/Hebrews 13vs8.

  3. Oh praise God!!!  Thankful.

    I grew up in a spirit church and am now in a word church. Both have their beautiful blessings and both have their heartbreaking challenges and there has been such a terrible divide between the two camps.

    Christ’s Bride needs BOTH and can no longer be separated, we have great need of each other; complete unity. A knitting together of two different threads. Like mixing blue and yellow paint to make green. It’s a NEW color They (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are painting now. It’s like two pieces of fabric being pinned together, a template/ blueprint/ pattern being laid on top of the two fabrics, and them sewn together to make a brand new garment of complete righteousness to cover His Bride. He is making us whole in every way possible.

    There is no room for our ignorance or complete stubbornness anymore – in either camp!! There’s only room for our repentance and humility before the Throne of Grace.

    It’s time to let His Spirit guide us completely, in total surrender, while being grounded in the Word of God with roots that run so deep as to never be shaken and to reach the ground water flowing underneath. Let it be so, let it be so!

  4. The partially blind (some church leaders) are leading the partially blind (some church leaders; see Matthew 15:14).
    When a fraction is multiplied by a fraction, you get a smaller fraction. For example,

    ½ x ½ = ¼

    I agree, “It is not your church. It is my church.”
    Priscilla Van Sutphin, ‘Chocolate Icing,’ 2007.
    I am not famous. I would like to stay unfamous.
    What a battle that will be! I wear the mantle of humility. Rick Joyner stumbled when he removed the mantle of humility. 
    The partially blind are leading the partially blind (see Matthew 15:14).

  6. I so want that mantle want that anointing resting on my life! That was my very prayer today- that God would fill me up and overflow me into all those that are around je!

  7. Yes!! Bring on the Smith Wigglesworths! After reading his book many years ago, tears would run down my face because of the longing to see this demonstration of the Lord in my life time. Looks like it’s here!! Thank you for sharing what you hear from the Lord Chris. The way you write, I feel like I’m sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, visiting with a friend!

  8. A Hearty AMEN to that one day at the end and a big Amen to the younger ones having the Swigglesworth anointing. He was BOLD and FIERCE. We had a demonstration at my church Sunday night after intercession of the Holy Spirit that spoke volumes that HE is in charge of this outpouring and when He took over everyone was speechless! To God be the GLory. Blessings, Sandi

    • I love it when Holy Spirit manifests in such an unmistakable way that everyone knows His hand is upon us!
      Thank you as ever Sandi for your wonderful encouragement to all around you – especially to me!

      • You are a God send to the prophetic, Chris and what a wonderful confirmation of the younger generation happening now. It is the innocence of the heart of a child that the Lord spoke to me last week that He is calling forth in the younger to shake the older generation who lost that innocence and purity when they got caught up in desire to be famous and let the pride of the heart deceive them with the wrong motive. So glad you shared this! May the word dwell in this generation so richly that their spirit carries the anointing of humility and the wisdom of the Most High God that was so evident in Smith Wigglesworth. God bless you, brother. Sandi

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