Where Are The Watchmen?


How do you know that God has called you to be a watchman?

Just how soon did you know it?  And did you accept that appointment the first time?

We can no longer be concerned with what modern church thinkers have to say about this subject.  In our own lifetimes, there were far too many who certainly tried to quell these anointed and chosen ones, from the beginning.

If you are truly in the ranks of the five “set in” ministries, there is a reality that must be considered.  No one person, or even two if we please, could watch and care for the flock of the Gentle Shepherd.

I know we will answer (for the way many have tried to change the divine order), that God set in the church.  No matter how good a soldier we might think we are, we cannot watch all the different directions, at the same time.  It takes team work; not just one man.

I think we need to address something about our watchmen and prophets; those who were divinely ordained.  Although the true ones were called from their mother’s womb for such a position, they were not born knowing everything.  They must be taught, trained and be prepared, by the leadership of the Holy Ghost.  They must grow up as human beings; normally having the same life experiences as every person born here.  But they were taught from the beginning.

The Old Testament was full of watchmen.  So why would there not be watchmen in the New Testament?

There are, because God set them there.  It may seem mundane to some, but if God set certain authorities in the church, who told us that we could take them out?

Any operation who denies the power of the Saints, is not of the Spirit.  Unless we have been deceived or misinformed, it is a fact that the Saints in the church have the same power of the Holy Ghost, as anyone else.  The same signs were to follow them too.

The God-ordained watchmen tried to do their job in the beginnings of the church in these lands.  They were allowed to do so, when the church was birthed here.  Many of us are old enough to know that, and that might be one reason God has kept us around.

The truth of the real apostolic church was never meant to be lost.  If we are truly Christians, we will follow Christ, we’ll act like He acted.  If we are following the apostles, we will also demonstrate the Power they did.

If you have truly been called to be a watchman, God is not going to let you stay in the background.  Too many watchmen are asleep.  What good is a guard dog, if he does not or cannot bark?

We’re not being crude here; this is straight out of the written Word.  Perhaps we need to ask just why were those chosen ones up on the wall, to begin with?  There had to be more than one, doing the job they were given to do.  Some needed rest, while the others took their watches.

The call comes again: “Watchman, what of the night.”

This idea in the church that nobody can tell me what to do, is not of God.  In a time of some of the most difficult and storm gathering days, is it not true that we need the watchmen, more than ever before?

We all need to be looking; watching for the enemy and listening to what the Spirit tells us to do about it.

If the Church, if we the people, do not become fitly joined together as intended, we will be, overcome.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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