Word to India – 2013


“My beloved India, I know how much you have suffered.  I know how much you have travailed.  I see all your sacrifices of praise and sacrifices of love to Me, and I am bringing now floods of the HOLY SPIRIT upon your land.  I will route the gods of the ages, and I WILL rout the purveyors of violence that Have clung to you since the beginning of time.

But this will come with many signs and wonders as the earth travails to bring forth salvation for the lost.  I will MAGNIFY MY NAME IN YOU MY BELOVED SERVANTS, for you have done much with little.  You have persevered despite all murder and torture coming against you.  You are a bright shining star in My Kingdom beloveds.  Do not think that I will not mete out justice for the downtrodden and weak.

I come now with hail, and storms and a flood of MY HOLY SPIRIT on the back of all the earthquakes, and turmoil, and great CHANGE will overtake you.  Antichrist is arising, but I will also ARISE to shake off the oppression of the ages.  I WILL SHOW MYSELF STRONG ON YOUR BEHALF.  Do not grow weary beloveds, for I AM on YOUR SIDE!  I AM THE ALMIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL, AND I WILL DESTROY THE RAMPARTS OF THE ENEMY.  GOVERNMENT LEADERS WILL BE CHANGED, BUSINESS MEN WILL BE CHANGED.  I WILL BRING ALL THAT YOU NEED.

Just as great darkness has had a hold, the light within you will be GREATER to overcome that darkness, and your authority will increase to bring down the towers and altars to demons.  I will give Christians favor, and ideas for generating what is needed.  I will also do great SUPERNATURAL saves from debtedness, and death.  JESUS ALONE HOLDS THE KEYS TO DEATH AND HELL.  MY SON IS ARISING WITH HEALING IN HIS WINGS FOR EVERY AFFLICTION, EVERY OPPRESSION, EVERY DOMINATION BY WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES.  HE IS ARISING TO RIGHT THE INJUSTICE OF MAN.

As many have raped your land of it’s resources, will I RESTORE wealth as people are turned to worship ME above all other gods they have worshipped.

BELIEVE that despite the sword that will come from Allah, that I will subdue your enemies through your prayers and supplications, your groanings and travail. I see, and am not blind to what is going on.  Bless those who curse you, pray for those who spitefully use you and watch as I INCREASE YOUR AUTHORITY, when you speak what I AM SPEAKING!

Many of you will go to other nations in this hour to preach the true gospel of the cross and what it did for mankind!  I will even transport you super-naturally at times, so don’t worry about money, and what you need to do that.  I AM ABLE, if I call you to bring all that you need.  Do not think how man thinks.  Think supernatural!  Remember Phillip?  It is nothing for ME to transport you and provide all you need.  When food is scarce I can bring MANNA.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME!

I LOVE YOU and am with you to fight in the battle of all ages.  I will fight back to back with you.  BE NOT AFRAID!”


–  by Priscilla Van Sutphin

of Upstream Ministries,  California
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