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Yes — He Will Restore — 6 Comments

  1. Thank You Father forTOTAL RESTORATION – as I Rejoice with Tears of JOY! Thank You Lord for your Love & Faithfulness! I Bless you Sister June! Your Words from Heaven are SO TIMELY! Glory to GOD! My Time u dear God is NOW!!!❣️

  2. Omg…wow! This is incredible. Exactly what I have been going through today. I wasn’t happy with some negative situation I encountered today and encouraged myself not to be overcome by it. Thank you my precious Saviour for helping me. Thank you mighty anointed woman of God for this divine revelation and the awesome words of hope. God Bless you heaps.

  3. Yes He WILL RESTORE !!! Amen and Amen I am in complete agreement and I thank you Pastor June for the blessing of sharing this word from the Lord. Hallelujah! Amen

  4. Thank You for this Word Lord; it has truly met me in this cloudiness in my life.  I am assured through Your blessed daughter’s words You are with me and will never leave me.  What I am seeing in the natural has already turned around in the heavenly realm.

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