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A Prayer To Father God — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Joyce,
    Thank you ALWAYS for your kind words! It is a pleasure and honor to write and share these psalms that come from the Holy Spirit Many times when I sing them back to the LORD, I am speechless and overwhelmed with His Love .  So much so that I have to stop for a few minutes and just be in His Presence. He has given me a gift beyond measure that uplifts many and I thank Him everyday for this wonderful gift and to be able to share it with everyone on this site.
    Much love to you my dear sister.  My cup runneth over..❤️

  2. Amen and I prayed it with you, Gabrielle!
    What an encouragement and a fresh breath of air you are to so many of us on here who read your Articles. A true Psalmist with the heart of the Father, I feel. Love you sis. 

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