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Sensitized to the Frequencies of Heaven — 12 Comments

  1. Elaine, what an on-time word. I have been so often sensing the frequency of rising up in the heavenly place as I have been praying. I loved this part: “I will release revelations for the end times. You will discern My Plans in Visions. You will perceive My Plans in Dreams. No longer will you listen to the thoughts of confusion and the accusations of the enemy, but you will be consumed with the fire of My Glory.” I have in the last month totally experienced the absence of some of the common accusations the enemy has hit me with. Very confirming. Thanks for sharing. Love and blessings, Sandi Holman

    • Thank you Sandi. I don’t usually read the comments on here. Actually, I didn’t even know people were writing. But yes, that’s what the Lord‘s been doing. Many people are receiving dreams because the spiritual atmosphere is shifting. Those who have discernment can sense it. Although the warfare is really heavy at times, I know God is about to move in a mighty way.

  2. thank you for this wonderful word……i love being in this frequency of heaven able to commune with the Lord sitting next to him with the father..wow what peace and uplift in the spirit…..there are times when there are so many clouded things in my mind and life that it seems almost impossible to attain….but I have learned that at these times in order to attain this I have to go into somewhat of a fast with praise and worship along with it just spend quality time alone with him while drowning out ALL else that vys for my attention ….after a period of time I find myself in his prescense able to hear him speak or show me something very clealy…God Bless you all my brothers and sisters in Christ

  3. This is a clear channel station broadcast through creation for those seeking Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety & Fear of The Lord.

  4. I receive this word. I will connect with the frequencies of heaven. I will discern His plans in visions and no longer listen to thoughts of confusion. I will be consumed with the fire of His glory! Amen.

    • Yes that’s what it is. On my first email I sent out through Constant Contact there was an error.. the automated text changed it somehow. It does that often but I guess I didn’t catch it. I corrected it on FB, Twitter, my website and the other Ministries that shared it. Thank you.

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