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Beware the False Demonic Court — 1 Comment

  1. That’s all true, sister. Last night and this early morning, around the clock they are lurking, watching and controlling our ways. In big cars with leather seats and a warm a– they report our reactions and how we dress and what we buy in shops, what we eat and whom we contact. Even in churches they dare to sit for spying around. The sleeping church is already too cowardly to face them. Ezechiel 34 tells it all. Everyone is mostly interested in his own household or money. She sheeps miss true leaders. I don’t say my missionary church is like that. But in 53 years I’ve experienced enough of this. There are verses about COWARDS and COWARDNESS in the Holy Bible. Christians really should be bold and speak in public about God’s Will. But all hell breaks forth when Christians don’t care. What will they say when the chip comes ? They may think Jesus is far away. But judgment will come.

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