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We Must Rule Over Our Own Emotions! — 3 Comments

  1. Lets praise the!Lord! Celebrate his works. Gods weak creation isnt praise worthy is the problem. All kinds of lies and fakeness in reality. Unfair society of greed and unfairness. Lets pray and beg him to change it and stop war. Open heaven and stop messing up your creation and acting like a!savior to fix it. Hawaii island melted. I bet Christians died. And lots of desperate people. Praise the lord. Amen

  2. Most EXCELLENT post for a time such as this, emotions running rampant in our world today. Multiple focus’ demanding our attention, most high intensity effecting our emotions.  BREATHE, re focus on God, prioritize, choose wisely based on scripture.

    • Absolutely, thank you Betty.
      It is certainly a challenging time we are living in! We must dig deep and stay close to Father God at all times. Yes to refocusing, prioritizing and making wise choices based on scriptures.  ❤️

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