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Fire Will Bring Clarity to Your Life — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, dearly beloved Sister in Christ, Pastor Deborah Lowe, may the Lord continue to use and bless your beautiful heart for His Heavenly Kingdom! I embrace and receive this firm Word of God. Personally, I don’t always share my heart, the passion of my heart, especially when it concerns my deepest desire for God, in Jesus Christ, for His Eternal Kingdom and Glory.

    It is my deepest desire to be consumed in the Holy Fire and Flames of the Holy Spirit, to see God’s Divine Word and Will done, in my life, as well as the Body of Jesus Christ. I enjoy all fruit that the Lord extends to me, but I sincerely enjoy being of service for His Glory, to truly assist others, praying that we all grow in Christ together as the Church of Christ. Thank you, for sharing this post, so much appreciated! I may be one of the few, who authentically looks or desires the beautiful and good fruit bearing, God’s Kingdom, through His Son, Jesus Christ.  I extend, love, peace and blessings, to you, your family and the Bride of Christ!♥️️

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