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Forsaking All Others — 4 Comments

  1. Great message Joyce! This is the message for this time. And really always! But, it’s well past time to be serious in our walk with the Lord! The verses in 1 samuel are so profound, filled with encouragement and yet warning! His rod and His staff! Thank you. Praise the Lord! Such an encouragement!

    • Thank you Mary. Yes I agree, it’s well past time to be serious with the Lord!
      Our God is a consuming fire and He longs to set us ablaze with His Word to proclaim!
      We must keep going forward always!
      We all who have kindred spirits down here will one day meet around the throne of God. Big Hug and blessings in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, sis. ❤️

  2. Joyce,

    LOVED FORSAKING ALL OTHERS, Cleave Only Unto Him! So much TRUTH in those Words, I wish more would realize the hour we are in, & truly seek the LORD as never before.

    TURN IT AROUND, was precious as well. When she said, “He’s up to something.” I saw the LORD turn & smile with a twinkle in His eye, & say, ‘Yes I AM & wouldnt you like to know what it is? HA! HA! HA!”

    LOVED All Sons and Daughters of Issachar Stand Up! So important for this time we are in!


    • Bev, What an encouragement you are to many! Thank you for your kindness and love, andsteadfastness in the Lord!
      You are such a beautiful asset to the Body of Christ. I love your heart for the Lord. ❤️

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