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Looking Back As We Move Forward — 2 Comments

  1. After much prayer & fasting I can say in confidence, YES.
    Wrestling through it all & He encouraged this simple prayer;

    Papa,take my hand & walk me through today Your Way.

    Everything I struggle with, marriage, kids, finances, anything personal, then everything that rises against the Body of Christ, & now Israel.
    I saw a scripture that said, Prov 17:17. A friend loves at all times & a brother is born for a time of adversity.

    Thats what I was born for, to LOVE Papa with a fierce passion that shuts every other door to our relationship, He calls me to prayer in humility, in love & in secret. He sets the table & invites me to eat, a huge table with many chairs & others are there too. The food is solid Scripture, it’s direction, instruction, unraveling a knowing & referential Fear.
    Thanks for the clarity of these challenges, I love your Salt Sandi

    • Dear Kim, Thanking God for your passionate heart reply to God’s challenge in Looking back and absorbing all He spoke to me for 2023. I am so thankful that Papa God is holding your hand through it all. May the Fear of God always fill your heart as it so obviously does in your comment. I am grateful to Him for bringing clarity. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment, “I love our Salt, Sandi. May God continually richly bless you with His love, Sandi

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