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  1. “If you will honour Me, no matter what, then I will honour you before men and before My Father’s throne.”

    May God help me honor you every moment, no matter what.

    “What more encouragement do you need?” This question is so meaningful to me. Thanks, Chris♡

  2. Ruach and chabod Strongs#3519 “The Wind” IS blowing…Isa. 60:2 darkness covers the earth (non-covenant people) and “thick” or deep darkness the people (God’s covenant people) Isa. 60:1 Isa. 60:2 The ‘Wind’ Isa. 60:3 Isa. 60:5 (partially fulfilled) The Gloooory!

  3. Oh Chris I so believe this! It was wonderful to watch on youtube the Revival in Times Square, N.Y.of all places last night!
    Also some more videos of outbreaks where God is getting all the glory!
    Surrender we must and be willing to pay the cost!
    Oh the Remnant is Arising! The darkness is so gross, but the piercing light of the Holy Ghost is peneyratung through! Many souls for the Kingdom of God! Glory!

    • Hi Joyce, thank you for your recent encouraging comments. I believe revival is almost ‘sneaking up on us’ and we’re all going to wake up to realise that it has already started. God isn’t going to wait until we’re ready! We must be in a permanent state of readiness, ready to start discipling those who arrive on our ‘doorstep’ like the deer panting for water (Psalm 42:1) The real excitement is about to begin!!!
      God bless you

      • Bro Chris your comment really spoke to me. I believe every word. Yes we have to be ready to disciple the ones who come to our doorsteps. We don’t need to miss the ones our Lord is bringing to us. Every soul Is important to Him. God bless you sir.

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