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  1. We don’t need: A population subservient to man. We need: A population subservient to God, and a government subservient to We the People.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your lovely gifts in abundance
    I had a vision August 5th that the enemy has tried hard not to get known about. “I saw a piece of land, a piece of the soil was taken up like with a spoon. This piece was like a round flat bread, underneath was a small black spot. This black spot now spread with insects on the side from under, then on to the other side as well till it was full. After that, the insects began to fly about to the surroundings and glued to the surfaces”
    Now, I saw a reindeer’s antler being picked on by birds. If you have been hit by an insect (from the accuser according to this vision), and it is still glued to you, you have not brought it to Christ yet. You cannot cleanse your or another’s sin yourself, you need to bring it to Christ because He is the only One Who is able to save from the enemy and cleanse from sin. This is our training to the coming great revival. We all need to point upward saying, “There is complete forgiveness in Christ”, not “I know your sin and you do not belong”. Ask the Lord Jesus to cleanse you for all that the enemy (who is an ugly liar and he wants to dishonor your elder as well), brought to you before the birds pick on you, which would mean spiritually dead.
    As I tried to tell about my great happiness: Our true and loving Abba Father sent us a wonderful, beautiful, sweet, healthy newborn offspring. Friends were congratulating, bringing fresh herbs from far away, the fragrance fills the kitchen, even fresh reindeer meat is brought – the Creator-owner is the One giving all. So, I am given ear from other sides in a period. Bless the Lord God Almighty, how rich and wonderful is He? He is the center of all the earth and heaven, and He is majestic and bountiful. May God bless you all with all His kind of goodness. Lucia Ludvigsen

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