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Make Ready for the Coming of the LORD! — 4 Comments

  1. These words are true. Thank you for this revelation. May the Lord keep on using you teach us through your teachings. Oh Indeed He is coming very soon. God bless you. Amen

  2. I would appreciate your prayers. The Lord has been dealing with me over an addiction medication that I needed to quit taking. I have quit but, am suffering through some withdrawal symptoms. I need complete deliverance or strength to get through. The med was impeding me being baptized with the Holy Spirit. God bless

  3. I often wonder why so many people are blind? They are so eager to beleive a lie yet so unwilling to accept the truth. If history has taught us anything God, Is not going to just “show up” and save everyone. He will walk us through the trials and tribulations, but if we are the light of the world and He chose to remove us, what hope do the remaining masses have? Your message has been preached for the last 3,500 years and every generation falls short because they fail to acknowledge who God is. What makes this generation any different?

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