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The True Self Unmasked Before God — 5 Comments

  1. Stephen, thanks for so much food for thought. You are such a deep thinker and truly provoke us to look beyond the obvious. Bless you, Sandi Holman

  2. When a church leader repents from the heart, this will help the congregation to repent from the heart. I am not a psychoanalyst and I am not a humanistic psychologist. I am a psychologist, but Jesus is first in my life. How do I know this? I had a dream in which I saw myself with a trowel in my hand. I was bent over a driveway and I could see that the cement was wet. When the cement had dried, a limousine parked on my driveway. Jesus was the dignitary in the limousine and His vehicle was the first vehicle to park on the driveway. This is how I know He is first in my life. I have had to throw out idols, such as Christian books. We are in the times when the interfaith movement is becoming an idol in people’s hearts. Thank you

  3. I’d like to add that sometimes, the mask one see on me is really connected to them. Vice versa. For the sake of equal and truly honest scales, I will say sometimes the mask on others I see is really connected to me.
    Thank God for the Robes of Righteousness of Christ that cover my nakedness as it’s being transformed. This is the Mask/Robe I hold up for my Victory. Otherwise, I’m sure wretchedness would be all one could see. Or maybe they’d see the work Jesus has already completed in me. In the words of Dylan, I’m the pretty little girl in the hotel room waiting for Him as I’ve promised to be there while He paints His Masterpiece.

    • In case it’s not clear, I like your thoughts as they provoke mine. God bless you and your family and your hunger for the Truth (even when it’s ugly) revealed, Stephen. May you be filled.

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