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The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind — 29 Comments

  1. Have you ever heard of the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors? Your dream speaks to it dramatically. The Rainbow Warriors are the Old Gods. The Greeks, Zeus (Jupiter) is the Lion of Judah, his color is green. The others are Loki(Mercury), Lucifer (Venus), Ares (Mars), Cronus (Saturn), Father Sky *(Uranus), Poseidon (Neptune) & Hades (Pluto). The color Purple is associated with the Archangel Gabriel, who is the Voice of the Divine and is Gaia (Earth’s) child. We are in the end times and the Golden Age is upon us. Blessed be, from the Lamb.

  2. Thank you for your faithfulness to our LORD and savior, King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Your dream created such a beautiful and vivid picture in my mind of God’s power and glory. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be THY name; THY Kingdom come, THY will BE DONE, in Earth, as it is in Heaven. May TRUTH be revealed to the blind, deaf, and mute. MAY Your Seven-fold Spirit fall upon the earth and all that dwell therein. Beginning with The Fear of the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen. I am excited to see the prophetic drawing and envisioned a video of this dream, this message, going forth. May God’s blessings continue to manifest in and through you, Veronika!

  3. Under God’s balm, Trump will be quickened and convicted. Melania will be strengthened to stand & support this man. She will increase in beauty and historical honor. Trump’s words to the world is My Gospel.

  4. Thank you for this encouraging word.  I so appreciate your ministry and the fact that you did NOT back down and continued to stand on what was revealed to you. 

    The number 222 jumped off the page when I read your latest encounter with the Lord.  Can you tell me the significance of 222?  Blessings to you and yours.

  5. wow Veronika that is a powerful dream. It is a lot to digest at one sitting so it’ll come into being as I sit with the Lord.Ive been sensing that the Lord was about to start reshaping His Body and so it is happening.Its an exciting time but also a time to walk in the fear of the Lord. Thank you .

  6. I would like to comment on one aspect of the dream. Truth or the “T” in Trump precedes righteousness, the “R”; and these two then precede the “U”, the unity of the Church. I believe there is here an implicit warning to the remnant Church that Truth and Righteousness are foundational to true Unity, which is a Unity only in the Holy Spirit [Ephesians 4:3], and not a carnal “unity” of only “just getting along with each other” which may involve compromising the Truth and quenching the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and of Righteousness.

  7. I witness to this word. “Unfinished business” is written all over Donald Trump.  He has has been raised up by the Lord for a purpose; Hell has tried to stop this; but I just cannot believe that the Lord will allow Hell to prevail and frustrate His purposes. Donald Trump’s temporary absence from power is akin to the Apostle Paul’s time spent away in the wilderness of Arabia soon after his conversion.  The parallel is there because Donald Trump is also a very young Christian in need of deeper revelation.  Against the expectation of the Church then, God raised up a pharisee; against the expectation of the Church now, God has raised up a playboy.  Each needed their time away in order to be processed by the Lord for deeper service.  Thus, in stealing the US election, Hell in effect has been serving the purposes of God.

  8. Praise God and thank you for being His vessel and sharing.  This is Awesome.  I must share that the young child of 11 I have been caring for since 8 months is a Joshua.  This year we choose homeschool as he struggles with reading and writing itbis challenging but we know God is bringing forth healing.  The doctors say he has multiple diagnosis which I won’t list and also claim healing and release from family heritage bondage over this child in Jesus Name Amen.  I claim my Joshua will not only be a man after God’s heart but He will be a prophet.  He had been telling me for over a month now every time he looks out of the window over his school desk he sees a rainbow.  I look from the same spot I do not see but do not doubt what he sees.  This dream brings to mind what he sees, Praise God.  He also dreams frequently and shares his dreams and in my mind I am relating to his daily life but world events as well.  God bless and thank you again for this strong prophetic word.  You have truly blessed many with encouragement.

    • May your Joshua grow to do great exploits/feats in God’s vineyard. May God heal him totally, keep you both in perfect Peace in Jesus mighty name. Thanks BLC for your love and efforts over your great JOSHUA!

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