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Thunderous Applause — 9 Comments

  1. I stand, swirl, and sing in awe, awareness, and awakening praise of the One who ALONE can save!

    All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

  2. I rejoice now in faith for these things to come!  Thank you Priscilla, for you willingness and your obedience to share these beautiful words.

  3. I cannot find the words to describe the joy in my heart!!! I have been praying for my family for a long time and I believe this word will get them into the Kingdom!!! The Lord is never late just like the enemy tries to discourage the Lord’s creation, the Lord has the best for all of us!!! I myself cannot wait for this day!!! Love you Lord!!! Thank you Priscilla for being obedient to post this awesome truth from the Throne of Grace!!!

  4. I cannot wait for that day!!! Thank you Lord for your beauty and compassion. How do we broadcast this Word to the whole world so that thay will not despair of all that is happening around us and seek Him to be ready to receive this awesome truth!!! Thank you Priscilla for your beautiful heart toward the body of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

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