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Ty Unruh says, “This is a spiritual guide for those who want more of The LORD, and desire to go on with the Holy Spirit to fullness. This book releases understanding into why we suffer in this life, and explains how The LORD is working through our circumstances. It also details my experiences growing up spiritually in the church, and what I learned from those experiences. May this book bless you and may The LORD reveal Himself to you in a deeper way through the reading of this book. I pray you find answers that you have been seeking, and your relationship with The LORD is strengthened.”

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Ty UnruhTy Unruh is a messenger of The LORD. He is longing is to walk with The LORD inwardly, and to be in the secret place of His presence. He desires to impart an inward burning for Jesus to others. Ty’s burden from The LORD is to see the bride made ready, disciples raised up, and to release a revelation of Jesus as the coming King and Judge. He also carries a call to see the church restored to The LORD’s original design found in the scriptures. Ty founded Generation Chosen in 2015.
Ty also runs Burning Point Ministries where all his articles and teachings may be found, and which will eventually be multilingual, as well a TickTok outreach ministry and a Generation Chosen YouTube page

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