An alphabetical list of 2015 Prophecies


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2015 Prophecies — 2 Comments

  1. The Day of the LORD is near and hastens greatly.
    Seek meekness and pursue it.
    Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit a new earth wherein dwells righteousness.

  2. ( 01-01- 2015 at 12:01) The Lord said … Today is the end of life as you know it. All Old things have passed away, you are a new creature with new goals, new Gifts and Anointing. Life in 2014 should have taught many new things about yourself and others around you. The World is in trouble, in flux, seeing through the glass darkly. This year will be explosive. Those of you who know me – follow my ways… Evil abounds – many, many surprises ahead. Puzzle pieces are not fitting… causing many questions among peers.
    Buildings, even church Buildings on fire like 9-1-1. Containers… vessels busting open. My vessels will be delight-some, full of joy. You will notice difference in fellow comrades. Open your eyes to the place you stand. Believe in your surety of who you are and live the Word. Jesus has one foot in heaven and one on earth. This year, my Servants, Churches whom have strayed will be highlighted, weighed and judged. Hurry, repent and realign – get in place. Recompense has come to meet you… Justice Prevails.
    No more pity parties only to return to the filth., there is no time for that. I need people whom are lined up to get to work… Souls are waiting.
    Justice Knocks, stand tall, Sons and Daughters. Justice knows your name… here today, gone tomorrow. It’s time to meet your God. If you know me your safe, If not, time to meet your god.
    The Son is going to shine tomorrow as joy comes filling the hearts of My Sheep. Their Shepherd knows His Sheep and they know His Voice – RISE UP!!! Justice Prevails!!!