Through our Prayers; these Christian prayers written by us and by others, we hope to provide the opportunity for hope in your life and solutions to your deliverance, healing, financial and personal needs and problems through our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

An alphabetical list of all our Prayers:

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Prayers Articles — 5 Comments

  1. This site is a true blessing for the Body of Christ and the World! I want to thank God for His workers laboring in His field. In Jesus name, your labor shall not be in vain but you will harvest the fruits of your holy works! remain blessed and again thank you for this great very deeply informative site.

  2. Please join me in an EZRA fast for America & Israel, especially for PM Netanyahu, pray that His prophetic words will not fall on deaf ears, pray that John Hagee will get to speak also, regarding Israel, the Blood Moons, etc. Pray that our Congressmen/women will HEAR, repent, and DO the Right thing for our nation. Pray that God will exalt godly leaders and dethrone these wicked leaders ASAP! Pray that Christians EVERYWHERE will READ 2ND CHRONICLES 7.14, REPENT, SEEK GODS FACE, TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, so God will forgive us and heal our land. Pray for Shalom for Jerusalem. Pray that the Shepherds will stop playing games for filthy lucre and preach the WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD, pray for salvation for the lost, for deliverance from evil and the evil one, for traveling mercies, protection, prosperity, favor, provision, godly wisdom, revelation knowledge, angelic visitations, abundance, increase, open doors, divine appointments, reconciliation, restoration, for Gods perfect will to be done on earth in all our lives, for divine health & healing, for protection for children, single adults, marriages, schools, homes, neighborhoods, public places, pray that God will raise up mighty prayer warriors and watchmen that will fast and pray without ceasing, bind and loose daily. Thank You.

  3. May God Bless all people who formed the prayers list , It has been a great blessing to me and my family , This website is the only website i found within it true blessings.