The Father Says Today – April 2013

Raised from the Dead! (Video)

Prophet Russ Walden or The Father’s Heart Ministry shares three testimonies of miraculous healing, resurrection from the dead and activation of miracles manifest in your life.

2 Chron. 20:20 “Believe in the Lord so shall you be established, believe his prophets so shall you prosper…”

30 April 2013:    The Father says today that you are breaking out of the containment of the enemy.  The enemy of My promise in your life has attempted to contain you in borders he could control.  You see says the Father the enemy couldn’t destroy you so he conspired to limit you.  But the enemy cannot limit you for I am in you and because I am limitless even so you are without limits.  I can do anything I want any time I want and I don’t have to check with anyone so likewise I don’t require you to check with the arbiters of unbelief before you decide to walk on water.

Illegitimate authority will not hold you any longer.  They presented their credentials and asserted their superiority but who are they anyway?  Your calling comes from My hand and your authority arises from the mantle that I have placed upon you . I will take you from the company of the small minded and connect you with MANTLED men and women who will release and strengthen you not hinder or diminish you.  This is the hour of launching and increase says the Father.  Step into the increase I have provisioned you with even this day.

29 April 2013:   The Father says today that the temporary strategies of the wicked cannot hold or contain you.  I am in you today to be LORD and MASTER and I am demonstrating My mastery over every enemy of My promise in your life.  Be prepared for My extreme prejudice in your behalf to bring blessing, victory and breakthrough in your life.  Are you ready for the different, the unusual, the unique and manifest audacity of My deliverance in your life?  It is your portion and your eye will see and your heart rejoice in that which I have already begun to do in your situation.

Behold I act quickly in your behalf and those who dwell in the temporary housing of the wicked will find themselves panhandling in the streets of defeat and failure.  The enemy is being routed in your life and I am standing up to house and defend you in My pavilion and in My habitation you will find permanence and provision and supply for I am the God that NEVER fails and because I have set My eye upon you then I will never fail you in any way.

28 April 2013:   The Father says today that I am the satisfaction of your soul. Under the shadow of My wings you will sup and you will drink deeply of My spirit.  I will pour out the draught of My joy and My life and you will be forever changed says the Father.  No more drinking from the troughs of hopelessness and desperation that the world offers.  What I will cause you to drink of is the pure refreshment of Myself.  I am drawing you into the place where My glory dwells.

I know you says the Father.  I know when you see My glory and when you see the place where My glory dwells you will never turn back.  You will never go back to what was for I am bringing you to My NOW that NOW IS.  No more waiting says the Father.  No more delay or indecision.  The DEEP of My DEEP envelopes you now and nothing shall by any means harm or hurt or even distract you for I AM the OVERSHADOWING grace that OVERSHADOWS you now.

27 April 2013:   The Father says today you have asked and I have come to fill the temple.  You are that temple and you are the place of My habitation.  I can and will fill you for you are created says the Father for My fullness.  You have asked Me to come and fill you and My response is YES and NOW is that time and NOW is My moment IN YOU and ON you!  I am coming and I will fill you with Myself and there will be no room for other than who I am and what I am in your life.

You have asked for My fullness says the Father.  Is that an invitation?  Did you hear the laughter in My voice when you asked?  I’ve waited and wanting and desired a fresh entrance into your life.  No more half measures.  No more visiting hours.  No more supervised visits.  I will draw you down unto Myself and I will know you and I will be known of you and things shall change and you will change and My image will be seen in your land. Rejoice says the Father for I am HERE now!

26 April 2013:   The Father says today that I am singing My song through you.  I am singing a song of salvation and a song of deliverance.  Your life says the Father is the voice that I am giving to MY SONG.  My song is preserving you and My song is preserved in you.  The SONG of SALVATION is the song of hope and peace and love and joy.  My song soothes and comforts but oh My child My song thunders and crashes against the enemy of My promise in your life!

Allow My song to be preserved in you and sung through you.  You are an acoustic resonator that vibrates to My sound.  Your life is resonating to the constant and perfect pitch of My faithfulness.  When I pluck the strings of your heart the overtones of the natural man soon fade and the pure and musical tone of My sound fills every chamber of your heart and life.

My sound says the Father is drowning out every discordant strain of lack or impediment or detriment.  My sound and My song carries the creative and transformative grace that will MAKE your LIFE different from what it is and what it has been. T hings are looking up says the Father for My sound and My song in your life have declared it so!

25 April 2013:   The Father says today that the dignity of My love in your life is bringing you to promotion. You see says the FAther love never fails therefore when you walk in My love it is impossible for you NOT to come to promotion. Promotion and ascension are the baseline state and experience of one who chooses to love with the love that I AM. Make this your choice today says the Father and promotion will be the inevitable result of every action and every effort you apply yourself to.

Success doesn’t come because of what you do. Success comes because I have chosen to breath upon you with My favor says the Father. I bless you because you bear My name not because you do everything right. The unmitigated over the top promises I have made take into account your imperfection and humanity. So let yourself breath and be at peace says the Father for My favor is provisioning and protecting you as you are and where you are.

Release My love says the Father. Love lavishly and expansively and refuse to be made sharp or harsh or to behave unseemly. My love is protecting you even in your vulnerability. I will not allow any one or any thing to harm you.

24 April 2013:   The Father says today that I am the same yesterday and today and forever.  The faithfulness I exhibited to My servant Abraham I am according to you because that is My nature.  It is who I am and what I do.  There is no special grace that I accorded to Abraham that I will not grant to you.  In fact the favor on Abraham was only the beginning of My promises to man.  In your life I will bring not only the beginning but the full extent of all My covenant and blessing and grace.

So let your heart and your faith rise to the occasion and seek out all that I am willing to do in you and for you.  You will not be left out says the Father.  I say to you this day that you are not excluded or counted out in any way.  Put your expectations upon Me and your trust for you will not be disappointed.  I am the God of fullness and of My fullness you are destined and ordained to taste not only in the world to come but in this day and this moment in every situation and circumstance that you face.

23 April 2013:    The Father says today that your ascension is in Me.  It is not necessary to rage or make demands in your life for I am actively at work to supply and make available all that is needed to satisfy and put you over.  Don’t accept the lie of the enemy that those things that are lacking will not be supplied.  My promises will bring you all things that pertain to life and godliness.  I created the earth and I continue to create your life on an ongoing basis every moment of every day.  I will never leave you lacking or in want.

When others encroach upon your peace of mind it is not needful to respond with harshness or cruelty.  Let the law of kindness be in your mouth.  Let the answer of your mouth be in mildness and gentleness.  Gentleness is the fruit that presses itself out of the vine that I am in your life.  You can afford to be gentle and walk in humility for the resources of heaven are at your side protecting and guarding and guiding you.  Do not fear says the Father.  Fear not.  Refused to defend yourself.  Say within your heart this day that your Father is your defender!  Then rest in that reality and watch in perfect composure and peace as I bring the full force of My favor upon you in a miraculous way.

22 April 2013:   The Father says today that My mind and My thoughts are permeating your life and are available to change and shift your thinking from failure to success.  There is nothing illegitimate about success or victory or attainment. I created ambition and when ambition is sanctified by My plan for your life it becomes consecration that will see you through every temptation.

So reign in despair in your life today says the Father and realize that you were created for a purpose and that purpose will come to fruition as you seek My mind and My truth about who you are and why I brought you into the earth.  I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I’m going to do without your involvement.  You are an intrinsic part of My plan says the Father and you are not one day late or one gift short of fulfilling the purpose for which you were created.

21 April 2013.    The Father says today that I am coming into the earth in a mighty visitation.  This visitation of My Spirit which you shall witness and yes, participate in will destroy spiritual indifference.  The grasslands of the Serengeti will be swept by angel reapers bringing the justice and potency of My kingdom to a spiritually emaciated people.  The plains of Kansas will awake to a torrential outpouring of My Spirit that will awaken the slumbering and thousands and tens of thousands of Midwesterners will discover the alcoves of prayer where nations are changed and kings and leaders made to tremble.

The coastal areas of the United States will experience a simultaneous immigrant zeal and an outpouring of My Spirit characterized by love, tolerance and passion for My presence.  The machinations and manipulations of religious activity will cease and be usurped and replaced by a genuine and authentic resonance of My tangible glory that will defy description even by the most hardened agnostic.  The relevance of My church and My people will once again thrust them into the fore front of society and no longer following behind in pitiful attempts to emulate the tactics of unenlightened men.

You see says the Father I am arranging and rearranging the expectations of men about what I will and won’t do.  It has been said it wouldn’t happen in this place or that place but I am God and I can do anything I want any time I want and I don’t have to check with anyone.  You have experienced a sense of exclusion and have longed to be in the throes of My glory and I have heard your cry and will surround you in the fires of My presence and in My presence My child CHANGE will come – and HEALING – and RESTORATION.  So strengthen your heart and prepare and expect for this is not a distant purpose but a NOW reality says the Father.

20 April 2013.    The Father says today I am the God of the shaking. I am shaking the earth and I am shaking YOUR earth says the Lord. I am bringing the shaking till all things that can be shaken are reduced and only my kingdom remains. Know that My plans and purposes are only for the bringing forth of My blessing and My chosen destiny for your life. So as the shockwaves break around you simply choose to trust and know that I am preserving and strengthening you in the midst of the process.

You see says the Father My government is on the increase in and around you. So fear not for as the systems of the world diminish I AM bringing radical and extreme increase to your life. As the mundane falls away you will experience the increase and the acceleration that comes when hindrances and impediments to My blessing are removed and My purposes take root in you without distract. Trust My process says the Father this is what you asked for and what you petitioned Me concerning. You will come to your destined purpose says the Father on a SOONER NOT LATER timetable.

19 April 2013:   The Father says today lean into Me this day. I am the Lord of the day and it is My favor and grace that surrounds you on every hand.  Be encouraged says the Father.  Be comforted in My strength for it is from My strength that I am supplying you every resource to navigate the challenges you are facing.  Trust in My strong right arm for I am the rock that cannot be broken therefore you will not be broken or taken or destroyed.

Yes says the Father this is a determinate day that My hand is upon you for good and not for evil says the Father.  Though the enemy rage and make his voice to be heard it is My voice that determines the outcome of every situation of your life.  Never yield threats of the enemy.  I am the defense that guards you on the right hand and on the left and there is nothing that will set on you to hurt or harm you in any way.  You are safe says the Father and your are secure in My pavilion.

18 April, 2013.   The Father says today be of good courage this day.  Greatness never leaves the earth says the Father.  Mantles of courage and honor remain available generation after generation and I have reserved a mantle in your behalf that you might find and fulfill your destined purpose.  Don’t look back says the Father. Don’t look back to the things that are behind you look to the things that lie ahead.  I have reserved great and mighty things ahead for those who will move by My Spirit and attend to My voice in times of challenge and grief.

Let My voice be the guiding compass for this season says the Lord.  Make it your determination not to be pressured into reacting to the prattling and raging enemy who purposes to rob you of your blessing.  Stand fast in your assignment and allow no distraction from the domain of darkness.  Accept the mantle of destined purpose I have given you.  Wrap yourself in the folds of My love and approval.  Refuse to be provoked by the hand of the enemy.  Stand your post and watch with diligence and determination for My hand is upon you and My strong right arm is manifest right before you even this day.

17 April, 2013.   The Father says you are My abiding Place. You are that habitation where I choose to place My name and My glory. My glory is what attracts the angels. They approach the glory crying HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. That holiness is on the inside of you says the Father. Make it your determination to release that glory into your life for where the glory goes the angels follow. Angelic assignment tracks the glory and serves the glory wherever it is found. This is the purpose of the angelic host and what they are intended to be and to do.

So know that the same resources that attend My throne attend your life on a day by day and moment by moment basis. They never cease to service the glory and they never cease to attend your life for you are My habitation says the Father. You are Mine says the Father and I will never leave you or forsake you or cease to bring you in your humanity to the full measure of the stature of My son.

16 April 2013:   The Father says today FEAR NOT little flock it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  It is My good pleasure to protect and defend and preserve you.  Though thousands fall by thy right hand and ten thousands at thy left the overflowing scourge will not come nigh thee for My hand is upon you.  So lay down in peace and let your sleep be sweet says the Father for My angels are watching over you.

Rise up and face your day with authority and joy and declaration of who I am in your life for I am walking with you through out this day and pacing Myself at your side as a vanguard and faithful guide in every step you take.  The very breath of your nostrils is filtered by My grace and My mercy and surely says the Father you will drink deeply and rest greatly in My loving-kindness all the day long.  This is My kindness that I choose to show you.  This is My unconditional love and favor that keeps you every hour.

15 April 2013:    The Father says today that I am pressing in to you.  You have yearned and cried out and I have chosen this day – this 24 hour period to press into you with My love and My power and My Glory.  Purpose in your heart that neither distraction or the assault of the enemy will dissuade you from the fullness of My Spirit that is being activated on you NOW.

This is your NOW season says the Father.  This is your NOW day.  Let every hesitancy and hindrance be cast aside as you hurl yourself headlong into My revealed Glory.  As you turn your face toward My fire I will break out on your flesh and enflame your spirit and transform your soul into My manifest image.  This is what you have cried out for and what I have determined to bring forth of Myself in your life at this moment says the Father.

14 April 2013:   The Father says today that I am watching over you in My vigilance today. I am caring for you and comforting you for I am the God of all comfort. I am correcting those things that need to be corrected even before you are aware that something needs to be different. You see says the Father that My correction is not punitive in nature because I took all punishment upon Myself on the cross.

I will never inflict upon you what I bore upon the tree. Let this mind be in you and shape your understanding of who I am. You can safely rest in My kindness even My loving-kindness for that is the garment I am clothing you with today. Do you believe that I took all punishment upon Myself on Calvary? If then I took ALL punishment upon Myself in your behalf then you must accept that I have no punishment to mete out.

So trust and rest in My gentle hand of correction in your life says the Father. Know that I am transforming you and shaping you into My perfect image. It is My joy to know and to see this process come to fruition as you look like Me and talk like Me and act on the earth even as I act in heaven. This is what I died and rose again to bring about and this is your portion and your blessing today.

13 April 2013:   The Father says today lift up your expectations!  I am sending a download from heaven!  I am provisioning you with My wisdom for the situations of life that are before you.  I have patterned for you an exit strategy, now walk out!  Leave behind the barrier bound, small minded, nay sayers and walk into My ETERNAL YES and AMEN!  Don’t fall into the error of saying that you will wait for an opportune time.

I am the God of time and I am the God of your NOW!  Step forward and step out!  Put your foot in the neck of your enemies and declare the victory that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE affords you even this day, says the Father.  Trust Me for the acceptable outcome, trust Me for the deliverance you have been crying out for.  Even TODAY I am visiting you with SALVATION, REST and the APPROBATION of YOUR FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN!

12 April 2013:   The Father says today that the vintage of My Spirit is available to you today.  Take a deep draught of Myself this day says the Father for I would refresh and renew you in the joy that is irreducible that cannot be diminished.  Though the enemy rage and prattle his impotent threats turn your attention away from what he is doing and take your fill of My Spirit this day.

Your sojourn is not intended to be from battle to battle but from GLORY to GLORY.  It is with the out-raying of the divine I am this day clothing you and clearing away every impediment and detriment to your life.  Do not allow the deception of the enemy to distract or to draw your heart and mind into all the supposed troubles and trials without end.

I am the Alpha and the Omega says the Father.  I brought you into this day and I will settle accounts with you – – EVERY ACCOUNT of My promises will I settle with you even under this sun says the Father.  So drink DEEPLY My child and rejoice in the VINTAGE that I refresh you with this day.

11 April 2013:   The Father says today that I am clothing you with Myself.  I am placing upon you the garments of ascension that you might rise above the fray.  The enemy that is opposing you is a master of smoke and mirrors.  He is skilled at making himself look larger and more foreboding than he actually is.  You aren’t buying his misperception are you?  Look again says the Father.  Look at the enemy and his schemes through the lens of My ascension.

When I ascended to My Father and to Your Father I openly spoiled the enemy of your soul.  I made a public display of the work of the enemy and destroyed his every tactic against you.  Allow My ASCENSION SELF to clothe you this day and experience and know the iridescent glory of My nature that puts you over and causes you not only to have rule but to reign.  Go out now and reign with the rule that I purchased for you says the Father for I am causing you today to take your ascension self in Me today.

10 April 2013:   The Father says today rejoice for this is your liberation day. My Spirit is resident within you and My Spirit will create liberty in every environment where it may be found. So seek out My Spirit today and you will find the rest that you are looking for. I would that you enter into My rest says the Father because in My rest is the only place where anything really gets accomplished. Of all those things that are in front of you I am the doer of all that really matters so seek Me out allow Me to do and to be who I am and you will find the tasks at hand readily accomplished without taking a toll on your peace.

Let My peace and My rest be resident within you says the Father. My peace will quell all warfare and will quiet the din and clamor of battle around you. Settle it now that your default posture toward Me will be one of trust and rest and confident expectation that I will take care of every challenge that confronts you this day. Do not allow the enemy to harass or to hurry you. Simply move forward doing what is in front of you knowing that I am entering into the work and giving you grace to bring every issue in your life to a profitable conclusion.

9 April 2013:   The Father says today that you are certainly under My protection.  As a shepherd watches over the flock so I watch over you to protect you from harm and defend you against every depredation of the enemy.  Fear not the interloper or the one who lurks about seeking to take advantage of you in someway.  My eye guards you says the Father you may take your rest.  Rest in Me and know that I am on task to deny every assault of the enemy against your spirit, soul or body.

There is nothing in your life that is beneath My scrutiny says the Father.  Cast your cares upon Me both great and small.  It has been said that I care not for the little things but that is not true says the Father.  There is not one minute care of lift that goes without My notice.  So rest and trust says the Father.  Let your mind be at ease and your emotions at peace and your body at rest.  In so doing I will gather you and guide you and bring you to safety this very day.

8 April 2013:   The Father says today just go ahead and TRY to give Me an UNJUSTIFIED praise!  Go ahead and show forth a spirit of thanks that is greater than the faithfulness I am showing you today.  If you knew what I was doing in your life at this moment you would go ahead and thank Me.  You would thank Me exuberantly and extravagantly.  You would seek out with your heart and mind and voice the EXTREME praise of the unabashedly thankful soul.

So go ahead and rejoice and luxuriate in the answered prayer that is emerging in your now at this very moment.  It is so pleasing to Me says the Father when you REJOICE in advance of SEEING and TASTING of My goodness.  It brings honor to Me and I am glorified when you smooth that worried brow and just express the confident expectation of deliverance and provision that I never fail to manifest.

There is a Davidic praise on the inside of you bubbling up and seeking release says the Father.  It is verbal and it is endued with anointing and power.  Praise and thankfulness are powerful in your life says the Father. Praise and thankfulness decompiles the enemy’s program and strategy against you.  Praise and thankfulness cause you to escape like a bird from the snare of the fowler.  Go ahead says the Father I dare you to praise in a dimension more glorious than what I am about to do in your life.  I challenge you to overstate My deliverance and provision in your behalf.

7 April 2013:    The Father says today I am the Alpha and the Omega.  You will find Me at the beginning and the end of the circumstances of your life.  I was God at the beginning of all this and I will be God when these things are distant memory.  Know that My hand of comfort is upon you.  This too shall pass says the Father. Be at peace and be at rest for this is not a challenge to be overcome in your own strength.

Let My mind find its resting place over your own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  You cannot bear up in the strength of the natural man.  Know and feel where your strength ends and My strength begins.  I am undergirding you.  Don’t look for the easy exit.  Wait for My wisdom and My solution.  Don’t allow the enemy of your soul to set a target on your back.  I am with you says the Father and you will walk out of this battle with the victory and your dignity in tact.

6 April 2013:   The Father says today that you are coming into a bridal season.  The consummation of Myself in you is about to take place.  The bridal garments are available now.  Take them and adorn yourself as a bride adorned for that One whom she loves.  This is your time.  This is the day and the hour.  There will be delay no longer.

Allow Me to fill you says the Father.  Allow Me to execute upon you that transformative grace that will shape and mold you with FINALITY into My image.  I am bringing My mantle over you as Boaz covered Ruth.  No more gleaning in the fields for morsels of “hear in part and know in part”.  I am coming into your life in fullness.  Empty your hands and I will fill your heart says the Father.  Set aside all distraction and fix your gaze upon Me.

Ready or not here I come.  I am coming that you might know Me as you have longed to know Me.  That you might experience Me and be filled with all that I am on the inward parts of all that you are.  I am perfecting intimacy in you today says the Father.  Respond to My embrace this day and I will perfect Myself in you beyond all your highest expectations.

5 April 2013:   The Father says today do you really understand what grace is and what grace does?  My grace is multiplying itself in your life.  My unmerited, unearned no-strings-attached favor and blessing and goodness is YOUR PORTION says the Father.  Even as I gave you the highest gift of My son while you were yet in your sin even so will I not withhold any good gift.  Restriction and denial are the fruit of a heart that has disqualified itself from My blessing.

Receive the washing of regeneration of My Spirit this day says the Father.  Allow Me to receive you to Myself and make you a living epistle of wholeness and cleansing.  My heart yearns that you know more and receive more of Myself this day.  There is so much more of Myself to experience.  My deep is yearning upon your deep says the Father.  Come away My beloved and know the full accounting of My love toward you this day.

4 April 2013:    The Father says today that My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  Those contaminated with religion will impose burdens that they will not lift with one of their fingers.  They exempt themselves and heap burdens grievous to be born on even the faintest of hearts.  The Father says to you even as I am YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT in your life even so LET YOUR EXPECTATIONS and REQUIREMENTS UPON OTHERS be characterized by YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT.

Are you troubled?  Are you heavy burdened?  Determine to release to others the liberty that you desire to walk in.  In so doing you will DELIVER YOURSELF from the snare and the burden that the enemy would capture you with.  Go out today therefore and let someone off the hook and remit their sin and lift their guilt and free them from condemnation.  In so doing you will NOT forsake your own mercy – yea verily you will establish My mercy in your own heart and life and experience.

3 April 2013:   The Father says that there comes a time that you have to lose your religion in order to find the Kingdom.  My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy not restriction, condemnation or imposition of external authorities.  Receive My kingdom in yourselves says the Father and know it as your portion that will conform you into My image.

Religion only whitewashes the exterior says the Father.  My kingdom transforms from within.  When you SEE the Kingdom you will become a living and breathing representation of the character and life and love that flows from the throne.  Receive the liberty wherewith My Spirit makes you free to be not just a servant but a son.  I have given you power to become says the Father so go ahead and become that son and that daughter I have destined and ordained and provisioned you to become even this day!

2 April 2013:   The Father says today that I will make an end. I am ending something in your life and bringing you to a change of assignment.  When the drover pulls on the reins of a braying beast there is always resistance and complaint.  When you feel resistance in yourself to the changes I am bringing I am bringing let that be the occasion that you choose to be SELF-CORRECTING and bring your natural man into submission to My purposes in your life.

I am calling for a fresh alignment of My character and spirit inside you.  Put away the childish toys and thoughts of yesterday and adorn yourself as a potent and strong and full-grown servant of the Most High.  Those things that have contaminated your life and distracted you are far beneath the dignity and sonship I have ordained you to walk in – so let those things fall of even as the chaff falls away from the wheat.

I am bringing you into the garner of My purposes says the Father and there are some things and people and attitudes and habits of life that it is now time to be left behind.  It is the stringent discipline of My hand that brings about the clarity and cleanness of heart you have asked Me for.  Cooperate with the cleansing says the Father and you will see a fresh increase of habitation of My Spirit in your life beginning this very hour.

1 April 2013:   The Father says today I am leading you by My kindness and not by severity.  This is not what you have been taught but that is a misrepresentation.  When I determine to bring a change in your life I will guide you in My goodness and transition you in kindness and blessing.  I place no premium on suffering or severity says the Father for it is My kindness and My goodness that leads to repentance . I would that you adopt the mentality now that will rule you in that season when everything you touch springs up as blessing.  For that is where I am taking you and that is the season that I have made you a candidate for.

I have made you a candidate for blessing so allow the washing away of the contaminated mentality of denial and rejection.  I am not rejecting you says the Father I am refining you.  You have felt the heat for I am bringing you closer to Me in gentleness yet with great determination.  I am a FIRE says the Father – I am an ALL CONSUMING FIRE.  All the paper-work opinions of religious mentalities will not just be left behind they will be consumed as you become one not merely taught about God by the uninformed you will be one that walks in the demonstration of the full spectrum of My grace.





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