The Father Says Today – March 2013


31 March 2013:   The Father says today that I am going to see to it that YOU get what I PAID for on the CROSS!  The stripes will not be in vain says the Father.  Every tissue and every fiber of your body shall function in the perfection that I created it to function.  The blows that rained down upon Me have shielded you from a thousand onslaughts of the enemy says the Father!  The crown of thorns that pierced My brow NOW LIFT off of you every care and every source of stress, consternation and grief!

Receive this RESSURECTION day your RESSURECTION life.  The resurrection is what I am NOW in your life not just on some future day.  I am RAISING you says the Father from every contradiction to what My blood paid for in your behalf.  No more anguish!  No more heartbreak!  No more crying in the night!  No more loneliness or isolation or devastation!

From the throne says the Father I say ENOUGH!  It is enough and the price is paid and I BID you to rejoice this day because you are the PURCHASED POSSESSION.  The GLORY over Me from this day forward will be the GLORY over you in a NEW dimension and you will walk in the depths of all that I have promised you.

30 March 2013:   The Father says today that “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This is not a moral principle it is a spiritual reality.  As you release, forgive and bless others you bring relief and restoration to your own life. T here are treasuries in the heavens ready to be opened to the one who chooses to accord unto others undeserved love.

Love the unlovely says the Father.  Love the undeserving.  Love the unappreciative expecting nothing in return.  In so doing you reflect My character and My person and all of life will conspire to lay its bounty at your feet.  Love never fails says the Father and when you exhibit My love you walk out of failure and into a throne room experience.

29 March 2013:   The Father says today that I am feeding with My wholeness.  I will make you whole says the Father.  Where you have been fragmented and fractured I am bringing the wholeness of Myself into you to heal and to make the crooked straight and the rough way smooth.

You have been like one who chafes inside their own skin and you have struggled and questioned who you are and what your place is.  I say to you says the Father behold I make all things new.  You will no longer be a creature of nature or nurture (or the lack thereof) but you will be that new creation – that new species altogether.  For in Christ says the Father you leapt fully formed in the image of My son.

I am becoming formed and formative in you says the Father and it is a painless procedure.  I bore the pain on Calvary.  You need not suffer the bone grinding process of emotional and even physical recover for I am your wholeness and the newness of your life and spirit begin and have their end in Me today – in a moment of time.

28 March 2013:   The Father says today that there is a task in the earth that I am accomplishing.  You are a part of that assignment and it requires hearing My voice.  My voice is the directive quality of your walk with Me.  I do not hold Myself aloof from your life.  There is divine purpose in My heart for you and I would that you incline your ear diligently and obey that which you hear.

As you search diligently inside yourself you will hear and you will see and you will sense all that I am saying to you.  Do not allow the distractions of the outward life to crowd out My call within you.  There is divine assignment in your life.  Determine this day to be one who hears.  I have chosen you and I have appointed you.

There is reward in the hearing and greater reward in the doing as you follow Me where I would take you.  Open your mouth and be My representative in the earth.  Let your words and your deeds reflect My power and strength in your life.  In so doing you will find new purpose and fulfillment in each day and each hour you respond to that which I am directing and saying and doing in and through you.

27 March 2013:   The Father says today My child be patient and be brave!  Be of good courage says the Father!  The offenses of others and injuries against you will not last forever.  I place no premium upon suffering or misfortune or troubles.  I WILL BRING and END says your God!  There is not efficacious value in hardship.  Let not such thoughts enter into your mind.  My people endure much unnecessary pain because of the lies of religious minds who cannot see the victory of the Cross.  I drank upon the cross the dregs of human suffering therefore there is no need for you to drink of that cup says the Father.  Drink rather the cup of mercy and forgiveness and healing – even healing for your heart and mind and body.

Let your heart persevere and be patient for every moment of patience hastens your season of breakthrough.  When the savage and harsh of heart assault you let mildness and restraint be your reply.  Do not give the angel of your deliverance pause by taking vengeance upon those who wrong you.  Do not delay the hand I have commissioned to free and liberate you from the snare of the enemy.  Mercy rejoices of judgment and patience in your heart even toward the undeserving will garner for you the reward of those who are dear to My heart and endeared to My purpose.

26 March 2013:   The Father says today that walking in My love does NOT involve letting others dictate the terms of your response to them.  There is a perverse sense of religious conscience that misleads at times.  This is the suggestion that somehow you must allow others to harm or defame My purpose in you without cause.  I didn’t die to make you a doormat or a target for others to hurl insults at.  Listen to My voice says the Father.  Answer the naysayers as I answered them with POWER and AUTHORITY.

I will put My words in your mouth when the time comes.  Otherwise just hold your peace and maintain the composure of who I say you are.  My righteousness in you is your defense.  You don’t need the permission of the religious authorities to walk in the reality of who I died to cause you to be.  Let humility have its perfect work in you says the Father and restrain yourself from ever having to explain to obstinate, intractable men the audacity of the hope I have laid in store within your heart.

25 March 2013:   The Father says today that My love substantiates My power in your life.  Love is what I am producing on the inside of you.  Sinless perfection is not the goal says the Father for if you attained sinless perfection you have only expressed the inability to see yourself with eyes of humility and honesty.  I am capable of perfecting you.  I said in My word that you should be perfect even as I am perfect. Let that perfection be expressed in perfect LOVE.

Love is not just what I do says the Father, love is who I AM. My love in your life is the perfection of My person in your life.  Let LOVE find its purchase on the inside of you.  There is nothing that shall be impossible to you as you find your place in the expression of My love toward all those around you.  I will produce on the inside of you the effortless manifestation of My heart and in so doing activate your faith in a fresh and real way.  You have asked for things to be different and better says the Father.  This is what My love is bringing about as you cooperate this day with Me.

24 March 2013:   The Father says today that My song is being sung over you this day.  My song is a song of grace and a song of comfort.  Be of good comfort says the Father for in nothing shall you be disappointed.  You will know My faithfulness and you will experience the writ of My fidelity in your life.  I am with you says the Father and I will never turn from you in the slightest way.  My song is a song of blessing and the song of a Father’s love for a dear child.  I brought you into the earth to experience My love and My love is surrounding you with strains of melody that only heaven can voice.

There is no lack or deficit in your heart that I will not address says the Father.  The void of sin, the pain of rejection the stain of hurtful memories, be healed of all of these says the Father.  Be washed by My sound that reaches you even now and makes known the mercy and patience that I choose to have toward you.  I am kneading your heart with My song and softening you from every bitter judgment.  You are loved My beloved and this day I choose to make My love a reality in your life.

23 March 2013:    The Father says today that I am releasing GIFTING and CHARACTER in your life.  When GIFTING and CHARACTER coming together in your life an OPEN HEAVEN is created.  You have wondered what an open heaven looks like and you are going to get to find out.  You have asked not to be left out of what I am doing in the earth and that which you asked will be granted.  Are you ready for the change?  I am sending the ANGEL of CHANGE to INITIATE the CHANGE and it begins in you.

As I bring INWARD change there will follow OUTWARD TRANSFORMATION.  As I initiate inward adjustment I will synchronize your heart with My heart.  You will find yourself experiencing a new compassion toward those who have frustrated you in times past.  You will begin even THIS DAY to be possessed of a fresh and burning passion for souls says the Father.  Yield to My heart says the Father and the gifting that has eluded you will manifest and fall upon you as a MANTLE of POWER and increase.  This is your day says the Father and I choose to use you and bring you into the service of My kingdom.

22 March 2013:    The Father says today that I am bringing My certain sound into the earth and into your life.  It is a sound with melody and a sound with harmony.  You will find yourself in the company of men and women you have never met and yet realize that their hearts are resonating also to MY sound.  My sound says the Father is going out into THE earth and it is sounding out into YOUR earth as well.

No more tinkling cymbals or sounding brass.  I will silence the braying arrogance of those who have no compassion.  Love is WHO I AM not just what I do.  My love expresses itself in the context of relationship therefore says the Father I will set you afresh and anew into a family born of KINGDOM VALUES.  Religious commonalities are coming to failure and KINGDOM ALIGNMENT is asserting itself in the earth and in your life.  Look for these alignments says the Father for they are alignments of HEAVEN and alignments that will BREAK the isolation that has plagued My people even as they are alone and desolate in the midst of great crowds.

I am bringing JOY and brotherhood into the earth says the Father.  You will know your tribe and you will be KNOWN of those that you belong to and those who belong to Me.  Look for these alignments.  You will know them by the burning passion of My heart that resonates and burns within you as you come together formally and even informally.  I am crafting a fresh expression of a Matthew 18 agreement and in that agreement NOTHING shall be denied you in the earth.

21 March 2013:   The Father says today that I have equipped you with the tongues of man and the tongues of angels.  Did you know you are bi-lingual?  When you give your spirit access to the speech center of your brain all of heaven and earth respond that articulate speech.  Open your mouth and yield says the Father to your spirit that I placed inside you.  Your human spirit is the repository of the dominion I gave man in the beginning.  When I ascended from the cross I imparted that dominion to you once again in a blood stained restoration.

You have the tongue of man but you also have the tongue of angels.  I have given you the ability and the authority to commiserate in the unseen realm and to BRING the unseen INTO the seen.  Open your mouth wide says the Father and I will fill it.  I will not just fill it with SOMETHING I will fill your mouth with Myself and with Myself through your words be unleashed into every crevice of your life to bring healing and restoration and recovery.

20 March 2013:   The Father says today that My love for you has depth and it has breadth.  I would over the course of your day today that My love would be the boundary that you discover.  As you hear My voice and receive My thoughts today says the Father know that My heart toward you is for good and not for evil.  There is never a time that I will withdraw or hold Myself aloof from you.

Let My love have its way in your thinking and as I fill you with Myself let this love spill out to others.  Love without qualification or prejudice.  Love others freely for it is freely that I bestow My love upon you.  There are many disappointments and failures but My love is working in you and through you out to others.  My love is the redeeming quality that washes and cleanses you of every contaminating thought.  So be loved says the Father.  Be loved and in receiving My love allow yourself to love those around you with the same quality and depth of love wherewith I love and embrace you.

19 March 2013:    The Father today that hope in your heart sets the precondition of tomorrow’s blessing.  Hope is indispensable.  Do not allow the enemy of your future to rob you of the expectancy and exuberance of My goodness.  You will not be denied says the Father.  Delay will be eliminated as you cooperate with Me.  You do understand that I am not an OBSTRUCTIONIST GOD?  I don’t filibuster your prayers waiting for you to give up asking.  When you ask it is not necessary to overcome a perceived reluctance on My part to answer because My default position toward you is YES!

  • Yes to blessing!
  • Yes to release!
  • Yes to restoration!

Can you take YES for answer says the Father?  Is YES good enough for you?  I will never say NO to what the suffering of the cross signed off on.  The cross is My open treasury and you never need ASK Me to do what the CROSS has already done.  It is a FINISHED WORK says the Father and I am pouring out on your this day the FINISHING ANOINTING.

18 March 2013:    The Father says today go ahead and laugh!  Go ahead and laugh says YOUR heavenly Father for you are so UNSTOPPABLE in the earth!  I have placed My favor upon you and there is nothing that will be allowed to impede My purposes in your life.  Do not allow the noise of the one who intimidates to cause you to question where I am taking you.  Keep your hand on the tiller and press in for I am with you and will never leave you or forsake you.

My strength is your bread says the Father.  My grace is your daily portion.  Drink deeply of the resources of Myself that I have accorded you and take no thought what the enemy says or the evil report for I am GOD over all and I am coming through AS ALWAYS in your behalf!

17 March 2013:   The Father says today that this is your day of visitation.  I am come among you this day to be made known in My glory.  I am asserting Myself in your midst says the Father.  I am sounding the sound of My glory and My power for there shall be delay no longer.  Prepare yourself says the Father and prepare the way for this is your time.  I will make Myself known in honor and in signs and in wonders that will not be denied or explained away.

You have sought and desired and asked for My fullness and it is available to you.  Take your moment and seek Me.  I am breaking into your routine with Divine Interruption.  This is not a day of business as usual but this is a day and an hour to be about your Father’s business.  I call upon you this day to respond to this commissioning for with commissioning comes release and with release comes the answers that you seek and have cried out for.  This is your hour and your day says Father for it is not for another day for My glory is at hand THIS day in your life.

16 March 2013:   The Father says today that the crimson flow has never staunched.  The blood that was shed is a NOW fountain in your life.  The NOW fountain of the blood of My love is not anemic or diseased or deceased says the Father.  The blood that was shed is as efficacious as ever it was from the very moment My veins were opened on that hill.

So you aren’t looking BACK you are receiving NOW.  You aren’t looking back says the Father you are RECEIVING now!  RECEIVE now the healing and the deliverance and the liberty you are in need of.  Go ahead says the Father.  I invite you.  I urge you.  I DARE you says the Father.

Receive your dead back to life again.
Receive JOY again.
Receive life and breath and healing.
Be restored and renewed and touched.
It is your portion.
It is what I am doing in your NOW right NOW!

15 March 2013:   The Father says today that on the day of Pentecost the religious crowd accused Me of being a bartender.  I wasn’t serving up the natural spirits says the Father I was serving the New Wine from the Vineyards of the Kingdom.  My joy is a joy to enter into says the Father.  Enter into the Joy and Laughter and Fullness of all that I have to offer you this day.  The joy and intoxication of the world contaminates your life but My joy liberates and refreshes you to the full.

The world didn’t create joy, laughter and intoxication!  I thought it up says the Father and offered it to My people.  Some drank to the dregs while others immersed themselves in the dry powder of intellect and empty religious platitudes.  I have a suggestion says the Father: Let’s make a disturbance!  Let’s have such a time of rejoicing in My Spirit that it brings a knock at the door and you have to tone down that rejoicing lest the authorities intervene.

I’m not concerned about the doom and gloom reports of the talking heads says the Father.  My laughter rules over the earth and dispels the darkest of clouds.  When I get done says the Father the newsmakers and pundits will be left speechless before My matchless glory and joy and rejoicing that I am releasing into you today.

14 March 2013:    The Father says today that you are moving from GLORY to GLORY.  You are moving from one weighty empowerment to a new weighty empowerment of My presence.  I have more iterations of glory for you to experience than you have days in your life.  Eons of time will pass and I will still be surprising you says the Father.

So come up higher.  I’m not coming down into frailty again for I did that in My humanity.  I said I would come in My glory and My glory is IN YOU.  In you I am manifesting My glory and reconfiguring every spiritual aperture of You life.  So go ahead and LAUGH says the Father for in My glory there is JOY forevermore.

13 March 2013:    The Father says today that I am disposed to answer your questions this day.  Before we get to that why don’t you climb up here on My lap and let’s visit awhile.  Do you see that patch of darkness and pain over there in your life?  Watch how I wash it away just by thinking about what the cross has done for you.  Let it go says the Father.  Just let Me wash you right now…

Let’s focus on that pain in your body that has lingered so long.  Turn your attention on My face just now.  Turn your attention on Me and tug on that pain like a dog on a leash.  Make the pain acknowledge Me JUST NOW …  I am healing you says the Father.  You will never feel that again.  I am renewing you.  I am mending your organs and your tissues.  I am renewing the oil of your youth.

Now what WERE those questions you wanted to ask Me?  What?  They don’t matter?  Well perhaps we can get to them another day.  Let just have a GOD day today just you and I.  My child, My child I love you so!

12 March 2013:    The Father says today that thankfulness takes the throne.  As you thank Me.  As you enter into thanks the curtain is drawn back and you are ushered into the Deep that calls to Deep.  You are not excluded says the Father.  Let the complaints diminish and place your focus and your adoration upon the throne of My Might.

I cannot be other than Who I Am says the Father.  If I was a man I would praise Myself for I am God.  As God I am making Myself manifest in your life.  My presence is washing over you and bringing fullness.  I am bringing fullness joy and with My joy I am releasing life forevermore.  I am blessing you in this very hour says the Father.  Receive that blessing and roll it into the fabric of who you are this day.

11 March 2013:    The Father says today that I am magnifying you even as you magnify Me.  I am magnifying you before your enemies.  I have placed the fear of you in the enemy of your soul.  When he looks at you he doesn’t see a defenseless prey.  When the dark one looks at you he sees the lion of the tribe of Judah and goes the other way.

So when you open your mouth says the Father don’t bleat like a sheep in fear.  If you live out of the lion nature of the Lion of the tribe of Judah the enemy will never figure out how to assault or assail you.  Resist!  Resist the devil and he will not walk away he will FLEE!

You see says the Father you are more potent than you know.  My name rests upon you like an aura of power and authority.  Learn to cooperate with the mantle I have placed upon you and you will experience the benefits of your rank.  This is what the cross affords.  You are not a weak, pitiful homeless wretch.  You are a privileged child of the Potentate of Eternity and all of heaven’s resources are paying their dividends into your life.

10 March 2013:    The Father says today that you are quite indispensable to My plans in the earth.  I have plans says the Father and you are part of them.  My purposes include you and in fact require your participation.  I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I’m going to do without you.  You are the unique and required component that I will use to accomplish and to express who I am to all those around you.

You are the lamp by which I have and will continue to illuminate the darkness.  You have already been effective.  The enemy wants you to think you have failed and are useless and that life is vain.  Your life is not in vain.  Today I will begin to open your eyes and show you just how much of an impact you have made in behalf of My kingdom.  There are lives that are different and better because of you.  Don’t allow yourself to believe otherwise.  Forget the past and the mistakes and failures.  Settle in to My grace and My purposes and I will cleanse and forgive and reconfigure your life to a full and accurate manifestation of My love and My power in the earth

9 March 2013:    The Father says today that I am releasing a THIRD HOUR OF THE DAY INTOXICATION into your spirit.  On the day of Pentecost I purposed to release the intoxicant of My Spirit and a discharge of glory that CHANGED a people and a city and the entire world from that time till this.  I am RELEASING THIS INTOXICANT INTO THE EARTH ONCE MORE SAYS THE FATHER.  Not the vintage of days gone by but a FRESH INTOXICANT of JOY and HOLY REVELRY.

I have been portrayed as an austere judge says the Father but let me just say that those people who see Me this way have GOT ME ALL WRONG!  The door-posts of My throne BOOM with laughter that melts the hills and shakes the mountains and rends the predator that has stalked you these many years.  This is your BAH-HA-HA deliverance says the Father.  My laughter is breaking into the depths of your person and rolling like a tide across your life bringing hope and joy and rejoicing.  So TAKE A DEEP DRAUGHT of this vintage for it was prepare especially for you at this hour and this time!

8 March 2013:    The Father says today that I inhabit your attentiveness.  Many times you sense My presence in the periphery of your focus.  You often turn toward Me and the manifestation of My glory is just breaking along the edge of your thoughts and emotions.  Let Me help you stumble on in to the manifest glory says the Father.  I want to drink you in with the same longing and thirst that you wish to drink Me in.

Do you understand says the Father that I experience YOUR PRESENCE with the same overwhelming waves of emotion that you feel My presence?  My arms tremble and My heart races when I know you have lost yourself in My glory.  Oh what a moment!  Come to Me My beloved and lose yourself in My presence this day. I inhabit your attentiveness!  You inward focus upon My presence opens the door of your heart that I am constantly knocking on.  Let us together TAKE that DOOR off its hinges and just enjoy unfettered and open access shall we?

7 March 2013:   The Father says today that My paternity in your life eclipses and supersedes the accident of your birth.  Your social standing or economic status are no impediment to the manifestation of My purpose or destiny for your life says the Father.  So no longer allow yourself to think exclusionary thoughts about what is possible or what will be achieved in your lifetime.

I am the touchstone for the achievement of My more-than-you-can-ask-or-think destiny says the Father.  Man may limit you even your own thinking but I am calling you beyond the expectations and impositions of false responsibility.  You are responsible says the Father to fulfill your purpose in life.  I have a plan.  I have the ways and means to accomplish My plan for you.  You will not be denied.  You will not be delayed.  This is YOUR NOW season says the Father.

6 March 2013:   The Father says today that you are My planting and I will prosper you where you are.  I will vine Myself in you and branch Myself in you and cause you to bloom and be fruitful IN PLACE.  Do not fall into the misdirection that thinks the blessing is somewhere other than where you are.

I said I would bless what you put your hand to.  I have not commissioned you to follow after the blessing.  My blessing FOLLOWS YOU!   My favor and My power and My grace rests upon you because of WHO YOU ARE not where you go or what you do.  Know that I am with you and though your bed is made in hell I will vanguard and protect and be with you even there.  You will not be put to flight.  The enemy will be displaced and not you.  They thought to remove you and send you away but your eye will see your detractors removed and denied for you are the object of My favor.  You are the pupil of My eye and I will not allow any one or anything to set on you to harm you in any way.

5 March 2013:   The Father says today that My audacity on the inside of you is producing a blatant disregard for the empty threats of the enemy.  Oh yes, you will not be ignorant of his devices but ultimately knowing the strategy of the enemy is like a sneak peek at the play book of the losing team.  When I call you to watch says the Father I am calling you to see the destruction of your enemy not your own vulnerability.  I am your strength and your high tower.  You are impregnable in Me says the Father.

So today when the crashing symbols and war horns of the enemy are sounding find your place on the ramparts of the HIGH TOWER which I AM in your life.  There is nothing the enemy will cart away from the battlefield that is of lasting or eternal value.  What I am saying to you says the Father is that I am able to KEEP that which YOU have committed to Me against all threats and assaults.  TRUST ME says the Father. Let me take it from here.

4 March 2013:    The Father says today that I am the “More than you could ever ask or think God”.  When you come to petition and inquire of Me let your heart soar in your requests.  Bring your life as a living sacrifice before My throne for I will not deny the contrite and humble spirit.  I will receive you and bring you to Myself in intimacy and love.

Your needs and challenges will never be ignored or passed over.  The suffering of the cross becomes every day the benchmark of deliverance in your life.  What the cross paid for I would that you experience and know with power and fullness.  I am not anemic when it comes to answered prayer.  I don’t hold back or withdraw from your request.  Call upon Me says the Father in your day of trouble and challenge and you will find that I am a prompt helper and deliverer in every situation.

3 March 2013:   The Father says today that I have commissioned angels to guard you against any eventuality.  They are always on the job and they are never recalled or pulled back from you for any reason.  Their whole purpose is to minister to and war in your behalf.  They are the instrumentality of the privileged status that accrued to you when you accepted the salvation of the Cross.

Today you may expect to see evidence of the presence of these heavenly hosts says the Father.  They are capable of being in your life unobserved but this day will be an exception for I would that you realize just how carefully I guard and protect and defend you at every turn.  You are as the pupil of My eye and I have placed My glory in your heart.  The angels are drawn to the glory wherever they find it.  When they find the glory in you they automatically cry HOLY!  HOLY!  HOLY!

So give way to the glory for the manifest glory in your life causes the angels to home in on your spiritual coordinates.  You are not alone.  You are not bereft of My power or strength.  The angels are not some cosmic oddity.  They are necessary and vital components of protection and strength that this day you will bear witness to says the Father.

2 March 2013:   The Father says today that I am holding you close to Me this day.  I am never a far off God but this day is a day that I will maintain particular proximity to your life.  There are many distractions and diversions that would draw your eyes toward earthly things but make it your determination to focus on My heart.  I am continually working to manifest My character in your life says the Father and My character and kindness and love are the key to skirting the snare the enemy would lay down to hinder you.

Make it your determination to allow My nature and My grace and love to keep you and flow through you out to others.  Love the undeserving.  Speak softly to those who choose to be harsh and unloving.  Do not allow the unkindness and yes even brutality of others set the agenda for your life or to control you in any way.  Yes I do know what you have to deal with.  My eye sees and My ear hears.  This is your assignment for now and I want you to strongly determine to respond out of a meek and quiet spirit.

1 March 2013:   The Father says today have you been feeling a little pressure lately?  You have puzzled in your mind, “God what is this?  What are you doing?”  You have made your complaint: “this doesn’t feel comfortable Father….”  And I have heard you says the Father.  I have not turned a deaf ear to your measured inquiry.  I am pleased says the Father that you didn’t shout or panic or flee because of the changes that the tides of life have washed up on your shore.  You see says the Father there are two kinds of pressure: one that comes from the enemy and one that comes from My hand.

I will never allow the coils of the serpent to crush you or enclose round about you.  With the sword of My mouth I will sever and crush and destroy the strategy of hell that would impede and hinder you.  Fear not THAT pressure says the Father for I will not allow it to mark or mar you in any way.  There have been those who are blinded by religious foolishness who claim I use sickness and torment to shape My people.  That is a despicable lie says the Father.  Would you use cancer or death to teach YOUR children?  If you being evil wouldn’t wish such things on your children why would you entertain for one moment the lie that I would stand back and allow you to suffer under the lashes that I TOOK ON MY SELF at Calvary?

So the pressure you are feeling is not from the enemy it is the pressure by which you are pressing in to My kingdom.  Did I not say in My word that it is through manifold pressures that you will enter into My kingdom which is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost?  When you feel that pressure turn not back but rather PUSH IN BOLDLY for you are about to BREAK INTO THE NOW REALM of breakthrough and ascension into the THRONE of DOMINION that is prepared for you.  Ruling and reigning begins now says the Father and it is now that I am preparing and moving in your life to cause you to penetrate the barriers of helplessness and victimization that you might take your place at My right hand!




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