The Father Says Today – May 2013


31 May 2013:   The Father says today I have made place for you at My table.  You will not be last says the Father you will be first.  You will be first in blessing and first in favor.  The provisions of the cross are available and accessible to the cry of your heart.  Make your voice heard this day says the Father for it is time to move from questionable wishing to the manifestation of hope and deliverance.

I have set a place for you at My table.  Your chair is pulled out and the tableware is arranged.  The substance of My favor and blessing is accorded to you.  This is a time and an hour to reject pessimism.  This is no time for sarcasm or a doom and gloom outlook.  Those who say that can and those who say they can’t are both right because their expectations are self fulfilling.  Make a determination to be one that acknowledges every good thing that I have made provision for in your life.

Trust Me says the Father.  Let your heart safely find its trust in Me for you will not be ashamed or left wondering or bereft of answers.  I have the answer to every challenge and there is not one chain of impediment or detriment that is not being broken this very day.

30 May 2013:   The Father says today that I am activating in you this day the Christ perception.  When the disciples were rowing in the storm they saw Me coming to them but thought I was a demon.  They had never seen the water walking Christ before that time.  Do not fear the unknown beloved for there are many things about Me that you have yet to learn.  There is nothing sacred in the familiar.  The traditions of men and the containment systems they build around Me are shattered in a moment of scintillating revelation of just WHO I AM in your midst.

Know that I am not a far off God. I am as close to you as hands and feet and I will cause you to recognize Me and see the watermark of My presence in your life.  My wind is blowing across the darkened panels of your mind to bring illumination and recognition.  You have known Me says the Father but from this day forward you will know Me as I am known!

29 May 2013:   The Father says today no more flying blind for I am opening your eyes afresh and anew. I am bringing KINGDOM perspective to your insights and what looked like problems and impassible issues of life are now going to appear as the tissue of lies from the evil one that will not stand before My promise.

I am above and beneath you says the Father. I am beside and behind you. I am going before you into a new day of provender and provision and favor. Favor will be so thick you will feel as though you are walking through warm honey. I am going to manifest unusual even bizarre manifestations of gold and silver and feathers. Why? Because I am God and I am not only budgeted for the sober and foreboding but for the expressions of divine whimsy that will lighten your heart and cause you to know the full spectrum of this love and this romance I am pursuing in your life.

28 May 2013:  The Father says today that My wind is settling upon you. The breath of heaven is coming from every quarter of glory to find it resting place upon you and in you. My wind is accountable to none and controllable by none for it is the wind of My Lordship and My autonomy over your affairs. In you I have found and chosen a resting place for the dynamic wind that is relentless in the expression of itself in your life.

As I came to Adam and Even whirling upon the breezes My sound is being made known within you. You will hear My sound and know that My world winds are within you reshaping and reordering your inner being bringing you into full conformity to My character. Your heart is the resting place of My choosing says the Father so rest with Me today and as you observe the world around you from My resting perspective you will know the release of My power and My presence like never before.

26 May 2013:   The Father says today you still have a future. The enemy cannot steal your tomorrows for they are in the palm of My hand. The enemy through man’s disobedience has limited access but time and happenstance are subject only to My sovereignty. I am a God who turns back the past and gives victory and recovery to those whose blessing was lost in the sands of time.

So refuse says the Father to live in regret. Do not allow the wistful remembrances of yesterday to rob you of the bright and blessed tomorrows that are ahead of you. There are things you have consigned to loss that will be recovered. There are sweet surprises ahead for you that are unanticipated even though at times you think you have “seen it all and done it all”.

My mercies are renewed every morning says the Father. My mercies are renewed in your life so despair not. Do not be dismayed or discouraged in any way. Life is not over it has just begun!

25 May 2013:   The Father says today that I am the burning lamp and the smoking furnace in your midst today. In Abraham’s day I ratified the covenant that spawned the greatest generational blessing that has ever been released among men. This covenant was validated by a mere animal sacrifice. How much greater is the covenant that I have made with you in the sacred blood of My Son?

I am come among you this day says the Father. I am passing through the members of the living sacrifice which you have made yourself to My throne. What I have done in Abraham and his progeny pales beside that which I am doing in your life this day.

No enemy will stand before you all the days of your life. No need will go unmet. Your life will be long and you will be full of days. You will live and not die. I will bring you to your wealthy place says the Father. Set your expectations upon Me for I will never fail and I will never forsake you!

24 May 2013:   The Father says today that My fear is clean. Every other fear is unclean. I am banishing the unclean fears of life from your midst and from your life. The contamination of fear is dissipating from your person and the pristine FEAR of the LORD is manifesting to bring you to an ascension experience in Me.

The first spirit of the SEVEN SPIRITS of My person is the SPIRIT of the FEAR of the LORD. My fear destroys timidity, trepidation and hesitancy. My fear galvanizes you in your courage to rise up as a principality and a power to overcome the enemy who has lied and deceived and threatened you your whole live.

Say YES to My fear says the Father for I am bending low to pour out the SPIRIT of the FEAR of the LORD upon you and in the outpouring there is ascension and entitlement and access to My presence and My throne. This is the glory and this is the effulgence of My grace and power that is being visited upon you this day.

23 May 2013:   The Father says today that the interruption in your life today arises from My plan and My purpose. You are going to have an option to push past what will seem to be a distraction and inconvenience but the Lord says let this be a Selah moment. The cadence and pressures of the day and even of your life have conspired to push you past many doors and opportunities of kingdom release for you. It is time to push back and take the reins of your life and set the agenda according to My plan and not the demands of others.

There will always be another demand, another crisis or another urgent matter that needs your attention. Your life is not about dancing to the tune of the urgent or insistent voices that think that their shrill tone should be responded to. Make a determination to say NO to the infantile and immature requirements of others and stand up for yourself as a kingdom seeker. In so doing you are going to fall right into an answered prayer and a kingdom adventure that you have been anticipating and waiting on for some time. I am a God of surprises and the kiss of heaven is upon your life this day says the Father.

22 May 2013:   The Father says today that money moves by the Spirit and My basic nature is to make supply flow through your life in abundance.  I am not on a budget says the Father. I am not broke and there is nothing godly or proper about not having enough or falling short in any way.  Know that I am a good Father who takes care of My own and you are under My care even in the area of finances.

Begin to think and act as a wealth conscious son and not a poverty stricken servant.  Let your thinking and your estimate of your worth take into account My favor and My provision says the Father.  No more lack. No more poverty.

I did NOT become POOR as an example to you – I became POOR so that you could be rich.

There are those that say this is SPIRITUAL riches only.  This is ignorance at best and outright deception at worst.  Look to Me for supply says the Father.  Believe Me for better and for more and more than enough because in your life this day I am the GOD WHO IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.

21 May 2013:   The Father says today that your validation comes from Me and not any other source. I am your validation says the Father.  Not your station in life or the good opinion of others lends value to your life says the Father.  Seek not the honor that comes from men or their viewpoint on the worth of your life or the value of your days.  I have anointed you and it is My mantle upon you that is distinguishing you from the vanity of fruitless religious pursuits.

I have not called you to be busy about the matters and assignments that others have dictated from the ivory towers of religious self-importance.  They pontificate with the “musts” and their “oughts” but there is one thing that is necessary and one thing only that is transformative says the Father and that is to find your place at My feet and learn My ways.  So refrain from even glancing toward those who think their opinions ought to matter.  Let My eye and My eye only be that which guides and instructs you and you will fast track yourself into the sooner-not-later destiny that awaits all those who sequester themselves to My influence and Mine only.

20 May 2013:   The Father says today that I am activating in you the VISIONARY RESPONSE. You are going to begin to SEE My kingdom like never before. Where others only see problems and strife and difficulty you will rejoice for you will see the KINGDOM. In the midst of great darkness and unknowing you will see with clarity and detail what I am doing in your life. Others will remark what a powerful faith you must have but they don’t understand because they don’t see. You will try to show them what I am showing you and you will say “don’t you see what God is doing?” But they will not see for they have invested their whole spiritual experience in not seeing.

There are those in My house that have made a name for themselves putting out the eyes of visionary sons and daughters. I will put you across their path and they will set the cross hairs of their religious assault on you. They will tell you that you cannot see. They will tell you that the vision I gave is a false vision. Look at them and laugh says the Father for in the night that they rail and mock your vision they will be visited and I will make Myself known to them. Those that return and repent will be ushered into a new glory in My presence. Those that do not will be left in the dust bin of faded and past things while you move on into My further purposes says the Father.

19 May 2013:   The Father says today My house is a house of hospitality and not a house of judgment. I am removing  suspicion and accusation and bringing acceptance and favor among My children. Love never fails says the Father and My Spirit of love and acceptance is activating My providence in response to your prayers.

I am providing for the broken and the devastated. I am deconstructing the houses of disappointment. Once again the disenfranchised and heart sick will find solace in My house as in times past for I am now present in the habitation of My glory.

My voice is being heard in your land says the Father. My angels are bringing my audible voice to lead others out of bondage. They will hear My voice saying “go out from here to a place that I will show you where you will be set as a solitary one in the midst of family.” As with Lot in Sodom some will be taken by the hand and be led out of contaminated houses who have corrupted my gospel. It’s a new day says the Father be prepared to accept those that I send to you and love them and accept them as gifts sent by My hand.

18 May 2013:   The Father says today I am bringing a tributary of my goodness unto this place.  I am diverting the waters of My blessing into your life to water the plantings even of long ago. The failed harvests and burned over fields of the past will blossom and bring forth and you will rejoice in the plantings even of long ago whose harvests you despaired of receiving.

I keep accounts of every obedience and every sacrifice and every resource that you have yielded to Me says the Father. I will repay and I will increase and I will cause you to partake of the fullness of My magnanimity and grace. Rejoice says the Father. Let there be celebration! Eat the fat, drink the sweet, dance the dance, and sing the song of the redeemed.  For I am bringing my goodness over your house this day.

17 May 2013:   The Father says today that the complaint of those who do not know Me will be that those who have turned the world upside down have come here also. I am setting you in the company of culture changers and world shapers. You ARE the principality and the power says the Father.  Put the serpent under your feet and release the blast of your faith against the bulwarks of resistance to My truth and My good news.

The GOOD NEWS triumphs! My gospel is ascending in you and being released through you. No more holding back with concern about the opinions of men. I am breaking the man fearing, mind binding spirits that have assailed you. They said you couldn’t and they said you were not capable but your CAPABILITY is in Me says the Father and you will never again be hindered by the lies of the enemy. This is your portion and today is a watershed day for you. You will never be the same!

16 May 2013:    The Father says today that I am opening blinded eyes. There are those who have NO CLUE what My grace is doing in your life but that is changing. So get ready to revisit those hardened hearts and look for the crack in the armor of their unbelief. When you see the vulnerability in them pour your love into them. Pour into them even the liquid love of My Spirit and though they refuse to hear or forbear it will be too late for you have loved them and they can never escape My indefatigable love.

So your assignment today is to love the unlovable. Even those who have hated and lied and maligned you. Love them. Release them and bless them. In so doing you will bring your heart out of heaviness and launch it into the stratosphere of My joy and My peace and My authority.

15 May 2013:   The Father says today that the time of veils and secrets is past and the hour has come to remove the cloud of unknowing. This is a day of clarity and assurance. I assure your heart this day says the Father. Fear NOT the scourge of the enemy or the threats of the dark ones. They are impotent to penetrate the blood line I have drawn around you. I have sprinkled every possession and relationship and you entire environment with the enabling and empowering blood of the son.

I have set My seal upon you this day that you might think My thoughts and know them as your own. We are one and I am synchronizing your spirit with My Spirit and causing you to experience the RANK wherewith I am ranked for you are IN Me and I am IN you and it is time to experience the COME UP HIGHER enthronement of My purpose in grace in your life.

14 May 2013:    The Father says today I will speak to you with GREAT PLAINNESS of speech.  I am pressing into you today says the Father.  Let this for you be a day of reciprocal pressing into Me. Turn aside says the Father from the mundane tasks of the day and see the glory and the power and the column of My strength and My presence I am manifesting in your life today.

Allow My love to capture you today says the Father.  Choose to be a Mary and not one distracted by things that do not matter.  Eternity is being written in your heart this day.  Joy and life, love and endearment of My heart is wrapping itself around you as a glory and garment of unconditional love. Receive My love oh child of My right hand.  Receive My love and know it as the love that answers every need and every prayer before it is asked.

13 May 2013:   The Father says today that of every praise you have praised Me with I have determined to respond with the sweet kiss of heaven.  The heavens are opening as you praise Me.  The fountains of the deep are opened under you as your forehead is pressed to the ground in worship.  I see says the Father every act of worship is etched into the annals of heaven for you are a worshipper whose worship I find to be a sweet savor and aroma in My courts.

Come forward says the Father.  Come forward and sing of My mercy and My grace for you are prophesying your season and writing your own answers to prayer by words of adoration and grace.  The outpouring of My Spirit upon you will eclipse every record of glory you have ever read or heard about.  Eye has not seen or heard that which I am NOW pouring upon your life from the oil flasks of heaven.

12 May 2013:   The Father says today that I am crushing the scorpion of OUGHT in your life.  In the shed blood of My righteousness I have made you all that you OUGHT to be.  You do not fall short says the Father.  You do not fall short of My glory for My glory is in you.  You cannot fall short of what I have placed within you . Though you stumble – were you even to make your bed in hell I am with you for I will never abandon the glory I have place within you.

So you are acceptable to Me says the Father.  You are acceptable and you are moving step by step into My full approval and approbation.  You have been through the time of testing and now you have passed the test.  Your examiners have only found the washing of the blood of the Son for I have apportioned you your full measure of the grace and compassion and loving kindness poured out in liquid love upon the tree.  Receive it!  Accept it and embrace it as your own – letting go, LETTING GO of every vestige and suggestion of condemnation in your life.  You are the BELOVED!

11 May 2013:   The Father says today that I find nothing in you worthy of judgment.  I took all judgment and wrath upon Myself on the cross.  I have no wrath left to pour out upon you says the Father.  Did I not say that you are not appointed to wrath?  If you are not appointed to wrath then you are not the object of My displeasure or anger.  You have wondered at times if I was displeased or angry but HEAR MY VOICE says the Father  –  I am not angry with you and I am not disappointed with you in any way.

I am hopeful says the Father and MY FAITH the very FAITH OF GOD is bringing MY HOPE into manifestation in your life.  You are My enfranchised child and as My entitled one I am washing you and cleansing you and empowering you.  Receive the robe of My righteousness and the signet of My authority.  The sacrifice is laid and its potency is undiminished.  The freshness of the spilt blood cleanses and delivers you NOW says the Father.

10 May 2013:    The Fathers says today that the Old Covenant glory is but a gossamer glimmering compared to that which I am bringing forth in this hour. I reconfigured the release of My glory when I sent My Son. I channeled My effulgence and brightness to release My grace and loving-kindness. So allow Me to love you with the love that nailed the Son to the cross. Allow Me to love you with the intensity and determination that took the Son from the throne to the tree. I am determined to love you says the Father and I will not swerve or be deterred from that love.

As Moses’ face shone through the ministration of death so I will transfigure you with the ministration of life.  There is a baptism says the Father by which even your body and natural frame will illuminate with My brightness.  Receive the effulgence of My glory and the out-raying of My divine life and love and resurrection. It is your portion NOW and also your greatest destiny as a son and daughter of My right hand.

9 May 2013:    The Father says today that the enemy has no defense against humility.  He has no defense against humility because he doesn’t have any.  The enemy doesn’t understand humility.  When you take the cloak of humility upon yourself you vanish before his eyes and drop off his radar.  You are inscrutable and unassailable when you GO LOW says the Father.

So set aside the sense of false confidence as though you could do any of the things you need to do in your own strength.  Be vulnerable.  Be honest.  Be emptied out of all the saber rattling and false bravado for I am your defender and your defense and nothing shall by any means hurt you when you determination is to allow Me to rise up and make Myself known in your land.

8 May 2016:   The Father says today that you feel like you have been lied to but you haven’t been lied to.  There are those who made promises and with all their heart they intended to follow through.  Forgive them.  Release them.  Even those who have passed on to eternity FORGIVE them and RELEASE them and BLESS them.  In so doing you bring down the blessing that is POISED over you like a mantle of glory.  Act NOW says the Father and receive the unhesitating blessing of My portion in your life.

Take all the trust and expectations you have toward others and train them upon Me for though I am unseen in your life many times I will never fail you.  I will never leave you I will never forsake you.  Trust Me and love others says the Father.  Do not fall into the error of trusting in Man for what you can only look to My hand of provision for.  I am the provider and you will come behind in no gift for I am apportioning you even in this season with My fullness and blessing.

7 May 2013:    The Father says today that I am not conforming you to My purpose by the imposition of outward expectations.  I am transforming you with the inward reality of who I AM in your life.  I am your wisdom and your life and your righteousness.  You are entitled with the entitlement that proceeds from My kingdom purpose in your life.  No more crying in the night not more dreading the dawn.  Rise up says the Father for I am fighting for you and not against you.

Refuse to be shaken says the Father.  You have wondered “God where are you?”  I am HERE says the Father.  Know My presence and feel My glory for I am ON YOU NOW in power and resurrection.  You will LIVE and NOT die.  The enemy is a liar because he is not capable of subverting My blessing in your life.

6 May 2013:   The Father says today that you can know a wolf by the tracks it leaves.  My letters of liberty are written on the hearts of men and I have written and etched your spirit with words of life and affirmation.  It is time to tear out the pages that religious predators have written in your life and in your heart.  You are not who they said you were and you have not been called to do what they say you must do.  Walk out says the Father.  Walk out into your liberty.  Walk out of darkness for the Daystar of My promise is arising in your heart to bring life and release even this day.

Just a little longer says the Father.  I see the cry and the questions of your heart.  Do not allow the enemy to tempt you into thinking I have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to THAT issue.  A little longer says the Father maintain your trust in Me and fidelity to your assignment.  Assignments have beginnings and endings and when this assignment you are in comes to its conclusion there will be promotion and blessing commensurate with the struggle you have faced.

5 May 2013:   The Father says today you are fit to serve in My kingdom.  You are sufficient, equipped, capable and able to perform.  Let there be a performance of that which I have released to you today says the Father.  I have rendered you fit says the Father.  My spirit and My word are liberating you to the mandate of My readiness.  I am bringing you to the staging ground from which I will launch you into ministry portion.

Your mandate is to release life and destroy death.  You are commissioned to put the death dealers out of business.  You are anointed to prophesy against the temples of death and bring life and release and liberty to My people.  I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I am going to do without you therefore I mantle you now and equip you now for the NOW season you are walking into.

4 May 2013:   The Father says today that I am your teacher and your sufficiency is of My Spirit and not any earthly or human source.  What man teaches you becomes polluted bread unless it is preceded by the personal and intimate revelation from THE SOURCE which I alone am.  So put aside the books and the messages of others and dig deep says the Father and tune your ear to My voice and My resonant truth that is unique to your life and your walk. I will not hold you responsible for what I have told others.  The accountability in your life is that personal disclosure of Myself that must come first beyond all else says the Father.

The revelation that does not come from man is that in your life that will put you over and inaugurate the miraculous.   This is a bridal season and the beginning of miracles and I have purposed that you will be a partaker says the Father.  I have set your place at the table and laid out your wedding garment.  Enter in. Accept the overture and the invitation this day to come deeper in Me than you have previously experienced.

3 May 2013:   The Father says today that you don’t need papers to work for Me.  You are not a poodle.  The regulatory bodies of religious authority have their purpose but I will not be restricted or dictated to in the mantle I have placed in your life.  Yes I will show you how to be all things to all people but in the final analysis says the Father it is My authority in your life that matters and aligning with My spirit takes precedence over alignment with any man or any man’s purpose.

So adjust your thinking to My purpose says the Father and lay aside all insecurity.  Be strong says the Father and let your heart be confident for I am working with you both to will and to do My good purpose.  The land before you may seem a desert but as you move forward in obedience to Me it will blossom like a garden and you will drink of the springs from My aquifers.  Receive this portion and rest in the treasuries of My mercy that I extend to you in this time as I draw you forward in your ministry portion and anoint you to enter this day into your destined purpose.

2 May 2013:    The Father says today that when you forgive, you forgive in My place and in My person.  You stand in My rank when the mantle of reconciliation is operating in you and on you.  I made a deposit in your life of a manifestation of the price that was paid on Calvary.  You have authority to apply My relieving grace and My forgiveness to all those around you.  Did I not say you have a ministry of reconciliation?  Do not be sparing in your love or your forgiveness.  Lavish My forgiveness on those who languor in self hatred and self destruction.  Love them lavishly and forgive them audaciously.  Let your love express the expansiveness and breadth of what I did on the cross.  Allow says the Father the full spectrum of My grace to flow in and through you out to others.

This is what unconditional love does.  Make a choice to set no preconditions for the release of your compassion and acceptance.  Know that I am not insecure or capricious as though I will be angry or punish you for loving with liberality.  It is not licentious to love with the love that nailed My hands feet to the cross.  In this level of loving you will manifest the knowledge of who I am in the earth and those around you will know in experience and not just religious history that there is a God in the earth who cares and lives and loves them to the full.

1 May 2013:   The Father says today that I am raising up a pure ecclesia.  The ecclesia is My church and I am establishing an ecclesia that is pure in its simplicity and pure in its dependence and focus on My presence.  There is no activity or program or purpose in My church that has any relevance where My presence is absent says the Father.  I am calling upon you this day to make My presence your priority in life and your priority in every fidelity and commitment you make among men.

In My presence is fullness of joy and provision and deliverance.  My high hand and outstretched arm is coming in visitation upon those that yield in deference to My presence over every other agenda of religious minds and mentality.  I am breaking down the walls of the cultural ghetto of religion and causing the people of My kingdom to spill out into every arena of life to proclaim and implement My rule and My glory.

So go ahead and turn the world upside down today.  Go ahead and join and assemble yourself with the radicalized church that only knows the love that never fails.  Politics fail, humanism fails, man’s idea of social justice is a total failure.  But as you seek out  My hand upon your life in the most minute detail of your day you will find yourself participating in My ascendency over all power and rule in your life.




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